Could You Be Eligible for a Georgia Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit?

Georgia Transvaginal Mesh LawsuitThe human body is an amazing marvel of life, capable of withstanding high levels of stress and achieving unbelievable feats of athleticism. Unfortunately, sometimes it isn’t possible for one’s body to withstand all of the stresses of life without caving to the pressure in some regard. For some women, the result is a weakening or tearing of tissues and muscles that can lead to complications such as stress urinary incontinence or a pelvic organ prolapse.

Although such issues are not incredibly common, they can be quite serious. Stress urinary incontinence is prompted by a significant weakening in muscles such as your sphincter or bladder muscles that renders you unable to adequately control your bladder. This lack of control can then lead to unintentional urine leakages randomly throughout the day, though most often as a result of laughing, coughing, athletic activity, heavy lifting, or sneezing.

A pelvic organ prolapse also relates to weakened muscles, except in this case it is the muscles of the pelvic floor that are weakened and cannot support your pelvic organs. As a result of this weakening, the pelvic organs prolapse, or drop, from their original position, potentially causing serious complications with the organs involved. The pelvic organs prone to prolapse are the bladder, uterus, rectum, vagina, cervix and urethra. Because of the alteration in position of these crucial organs, one may experience sexual complications, urinary leakage, and a protrusion of these organs past the vaginal opening, causing pain and pressure.

Due to the serious nature of these medical issues, simply ignoring them is not an option. Instead there is the option to implant a transvaginal mesh. Transvaginal mesh is used to make up for the muscle weaknesses and helps keep your internal organs properly aligned. As the name suggests, this mesh-like netting is inserted through the vagina and woven into the pelvic area. This mesh can then help form a sling for the bladder or reinforce the vaginal wall.

And while transvaginal mesh can be an effective treatment when all goes according to plan, this surgical solution can sometimes cause problems of its own. These complications include infections, erosion of pelvic tissue, vaginal scarring, urinary problems, and discomfort during sexual intercourse as well as everyday activities. If this describes a situation you or a loved one is facing, you may be able to secure compensation through a Georgia transvaginal mesh lawsuit.

Filing a Georgia transvaginal mesh lawsuit may help you recover damages for your pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages from missed work related to your transvaginal mesh health complications. If you think you may be able to benefit from a Georgia transvaginal mesh lawsuit, contact Attorney Group for Georgia. The group wants to help those affected adversely by transvaginal mesh complications by answering questions and helping clients find an experienced attorney.

A Georgia transvaginal mesh lawsuit can help you seek the compensation you need to get your life back on track. In August 2013, a jury awarded $2 million to a woman in a Georgia transvaginal mesh lawsuit, which was the first case tried against device manufacturer C.R. Bard, Inc (1). That case is just one of an estimated 20,000 such suits filed against manufacturers of transvaginal mesh including American Medical Systems Inc., Coloplast Corp, and Cook Medical, Inc (2). And while no one can predict verdicts in future cases, the initial verdicts may set a standard for future jury awards or settlements. If you think you may have a valid claim for a Georgia transvaginal mesh lawsuit, contact Attorney Group for Georgia today.