Georgia Blitz Gas Can Explosion Lawsuits

Georgia Blitz Gas Can Explosion Lawsuits – GA Residents Injured by Blitz Gas Cans are Entitled to Seek Compensation

There are millions of gas cans sold in the United States; 95 percent of these cans are plastic. At one point in time, Blitz produced 75 percent, roughly 150 million, of the plastic gas cans sold in the United States. If you are like the majority of people, you more than likely have a plastic gas can lurking around your garage or shed. These cans are kept on hand in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, a plastic gas can that is manufactured by Blitz may cause more emergency situations than they aid. Georgia Blitz Gas Can Explosion Lawsuits are still a viable option for many injured by these defective products.

Georgia Blitz Gas Can Explosion Lawsuits

The major problem with the 150 million Blitz-made plastic gas cans on the market, none of the cans where made with flame arresters. Flame arresters prevent gas fumes from leaking into the air when gas is poured into them. The leaking cans present a fire hazard. Numerous customers have complained to Blitz and even told them that the fumes could ignite and explode, causing serious injury to the user. However, Blitz ignored these warnings and continued to produce cans without flame arresters. The company also did not provide customers with adequate warning about the flammability risk.

There have been 75 incidents where people have suffered severe burns. There have even been a few deaths attributed to this product. Fourteen people, including children, have died as a result of these gas can explosions. Three-year-old Landon Beadore was one victim. Landon’s death occurred when he accidentally tipped over a Blitz gas can. The fumes from the leaking can were ignited by the water-heater pilot. Landon sustained third-degree burns on half of his body and did not survive his injures.

In every case of an exploding Blitz can, the lack of a flame arrester was the cause. When the manufacturing of the can was researched, it was discovered that the company would not have suffered a financial setback from attaching a flame arrester. In fact, the company would have only spent 50 cents for each flame arrester. This indicates that Blitz valued its bottom-line more than the safety of its customers.

Businesses are legally obligated to place visible warning labels on products that are known to pose a potential threat to the public. Blitz did not add a warning label to its product. Technically, the company was not obligated to do so since they are responsible for the injury causing defects. There have been many Blitz gas can explosion lawsuits filed claiming that Blitz displayed gross negligence in manufacturing products that could potentially kill.

If you or someone you love is a victim of a Blitz gas can explosion, contact an attorney that handles Blitz gas can explosion lawsuits. The attorney will inform you of your rights. You or your loved one may be eligible to receive compensation. Blitz has already been found responsible for the negligent production and sale of the potential lethal gas cans to the public. Please contact Attorney Group for Georgia to get help finding the right attorney to assist you with your case.