Endo Int. Settles Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits for $830 Million

Georgia-Endo-Mesh LawsuitsMesh Lawsuits Reach Settlement

Endo International, a manufacturer of transvaginal mesh (TVM) devices, has agreed to settle a group of mesh lawsuits for approximately $830 million. The settlement resolves about 20,000 cases against American Medical Systems, a subsidiary of Endo International. The women involved in the mesh lawsuits claimed that the company’s transvaginal implant left them severely injured, and some had to undergo revision or removal surgeries. The company claims the settlement of these mesh lawsuits is not an admission of liability or fault.

Amid Endo’s settlement of the mesh lawsuits, the FDA has proposed a reclassification of transvaginal mesh products as “high-risk” medical devices, leading to stricter safety requirements. “The FDA has identified clear risks associated with surgical mesh for the transvaginal repair of pelvic organ prolapse and is now proposing to address those risks for more safe and effective products,” said William Maisel, M.D., M.P.H.

One of the first transvaginal case to actually end up in federal court involved a public health nurse from Toccoa, Georgia. Last year, a jury awarded the Georgia woman $2 million. In her lawsuit, she claimed that a separate company, C.R. Bard, failed to warn her about defects in the transvaginal mesh device. As a result, she claimed she was left in a lot of pain and with unwanted bleeding. The Georgia nurse says she had to undergo two revision surgeries in order to remove the faulty device from her body.

According to the FDA, nearly 4,000 injuries were reported to the agency following the placement of these transvaginal mesh devices from 2005 to 2010.

About Transvaginal Mesh

TVM devices are used to treat pelvic organ prolapse, a condition that causes the organs in the pelvis sag into the walls of the vagina. However, about three years ago, the FDA issued a safety alert to inform the public about serious complications associated with transvaginal mesh products.

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