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GA Trucking Accident Lawyers: Hit By a Semi-Truck in Georgia: What Do I Do?

Did you know that the song “Last Kiss,” written by Wayne Cochran and made popular by Pearl Jam, was based on a true story? In this unfortunate event in Barnesville, Georgia, several teens were killed and two others injured when their vehicle collided with a flatbed logging truck. Unfortunately, these accidents involving cars and semi-trucks occur more frequently than one would like to believe. If you need immediate assistant, our GA Trucking Accident Lawyers are standing by to take your call; or, fill out a form on our contact us page.

Think about what you would do if you were driving on a highway in Georgia and a logging truck smashed into your car. Who would pay for the damage, the medical bills and the possible loss of income stemming from injuries? While lawsuits involving semi-trucks are often handled in much the same way as a regular car accident, you will still need to consult trucking accident lawyers to decide whom you wish to sue.

GA Trucking Accident LawyersYour Options for a Lawsuit

If you are in a normal car accident involving another vehicle such as a sedan or SUV, you will sue the other driver, no questions asked, and you may even sue the owner of the car as well. In a commercial trucking accident, however, there are other individuals that may be directly related to the truck itself.

For example, in a semi-truck auto accident, you will sue not only the driver, but also the employer if the driver is a direct employee of the company. Employers take full responsibility for the consequences that occur as the result of the employee’s actions.

Your GA Trucking Accident Lawyers may also investigate whether or not there were other parties indirectly involved in the accident. Sometimes, these situations may be complicated. For instance, an owner of the truck may hire a driver or lease the vehicle to another company or person to deliver goods for a second company. You may also be entitled to sue not only the driver and the owner, but the lessor and the company who owns the products as well. You may also sue the mechanic if the accident resulted from a poorly-serviced truck.

How to Sue the Company

Your GA Trucking Accident Lawyers may recommend that you sue only the employer and not the driver. While this may strike a nerve with you as you feel that the driver should be held accountable for his actions, your attorney may explain that the purpose behind a lawsuit is to obtain the most compensation possible. In certain situations, a jury may look more favorably on a single truck driver than they would a trucking company. By only suing the faceless conglomerate, you may stand a better chance of receiving additional compensation and reduce the likelihood of a jury sympathizing with the truck driver.

Can You Sue an Independent Contractor?

An independent contractor works for himself, not an employer. However, he often has contracts with other companies to deliver goods or products in exchange for pay. While you would always sue an independent contractor in an accident, you may also need to consider other individuals who may be inadvertently involved.

For example, your lawyer will determine whether or not another corporation is responsible, such as the owner of the vehicle. Depending on the contract that the driver has with the owner, the company may or may not be responsible for accidents or damage caused by the driver. Some companies are careful to mention these terms in their contracts to protect themselves if the driver acts out of negligence.

What You Can Do? Consult a GA Trucking Accident Lawyers

Have you or someone you know been injured as the result of a negligent semi-truck driver? Contact our GA Trucking Accident Lawyers at Attorney Group for Georgia to learn about your rights. We will be able to determine who you can sue in order to gain the most compensation possible.