Georgia Pradaxa Lawsuits

Georgia Pradaxa Lawsuits GrowingGeorgia Pradaxa Lawsuits

A recent study from Denmark has confirmed the heightened internal bleeding risk of patients that switch from other anticoagulant blood thinners to Pradaxa. This and the many medical reports filed regarding the adverse effects suffered after taking Pradaxa have led to the Georgia Pradaxa lawsuits. While legal action cannot undo a medical trauma or bring back a deceased loved one, it holds the drug’s manufacturer accountable for their wrongdoing and helps individuals or families reclaim financial stability. We are expecting many more Georgia Pradaxa lawsuits in the coming months.

What Is Pradaxa

Pradaxa was first marketed in 2010 as a medication to reduce the likelihood of strokes in patients suffering with atrial fibrillation. While the FDA sees Pradaxa as no more of a risk than other popular anticoagulants like Warfarin, the Institute for Safe Medication considers Pradaxa to be one of the most dangerous drugs currently prescribed. The institute has reported that patients experiencing Pradaxa-related bleeding are five times more likely to die than those with internal bleeding brought on from Warfarin. There are over 260 deaths linked to the use of Pradaxa and fatal bleeding episodes.

Similarly, a study conducted by the University of Illinois at Chicago has also contradicted the FDA’s findings on drug safety.

Further complicating the matter is the fact that Pradaxa has no antidote to reverse its anti-clotting effects. The effects of other blood thinners, like Coumadin and Warfarin for example, can be undone by a dose of Vitamin K. Patient dialysis is the only known counter to Pradaxa’s effects and is very rarely ordered by emergency room personnel to stop bleeding. This is one reason fatalities are more common today among Pradaxa users. It can take up to three or more hours of dialysis to remove just half of the Pradaxa in someone’s system. By the time a doctor realizes that a patient’s uncontrollable internal bleeding is possibly linked to Pradaxa use, it is too late to clear the medication from his or her body with dialysis.

Emergency surgery due to a medical condition or an unexpected accident or fall is also especially life-threatening for Pradaxa users.

Current Status of Georgia Pradaxa Lawsuits

An initial hearing on October 3rd, 2012 determined that all pending Georgia Pradaxa lawsuits would be consolidated into five “bellwether trials” to be held within a single court and heard by one judge. Bellwether trials are common whenever many individuals sue a company on the same grounds. It is a feasible means for courts to approach a large caseload and complex issue. If the judge rules each of these initial five bellwether trials in favor of the plaintiffs, the defendant may opt to reach a settlement with users of Pradaxa rather than continuing to go to trial.

The five bellweather trials are scheduled to be held between August of 2014 and February of 2015. These cases are what is known as a Multi-District Litigation. This means that in addition to hearing Georgia Pradaxa lawsuits, shared Pradaxa allegations from others throughout the country will be heard as well.

Time Restrictions for Filing Georgia Pradaxa Lawsuits

It’s important to note that Georgia Pradaxa lawsuits may be time sensitive. If you are seeking compensation for Pradaxa related internal bleeding, you must act now before it is too late.

Please contact an attorney today to determine if you are eligible for legal recourse for Pradaxa bleeding that has either impacted your life or the life of someone close to you. The Georgia Injury Attorney Group is ready to speak to you and address any questions or concerns you may have.