Georgia Testosterone Attorney

Georgia Testosterone AttorneyWhat is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that is made in the male testes that has a great influence over the health of men. One of the main concerns men have is with a decrease in their sexual desire as well as with erectile dysfunction. However, men with low testosterone can feel depressed, tired and a feeling of little energy. Losing hair or slower hair growth can also be a sign of low testosterone.

With an aging population, there are more men than ever who are suffering from symptoms of low testosterone. At the same time, there are medications on the market that claim to help men with this problem. There has been a strong push on radio and television to advertise these medications for men. Often the term used will be low T instead of low testosterone. The use of these medications has become widespread. You may have heard of testosterone treatment or know someone who is undergoing it now. You may even be using this treatment yourself.

Method of Treatment

The basic method of treatment is to boost the level of this hormone in a man’s body. The only difference between treatments is the delivery method. Although it can be injected into the body, it is most often applied as a cream or gel. Occasionally a patch will be used. Currently there are more than five million men using a testosterone product under one of 10 different brands on the market. The brand names are: Androgel, Androderm, Axirom, Bio-T-Gel, Delatestryl, Depo-Testosterone, Fortesta, Striant, Testim and Testopel.

The Need for a Georgia Testosterone Attorney

A recently concluded study lasting three years and including 8,700 men indicates that there is an elevated risk of heart attack and stroke for those men undergoing testosterone treatment. In some cases, there may be a link to death. Certain men have an elevated risk for these dangerous health problems. They include men who already have heart problems, high cholesterol, diabetes and those who are overweight. Age also is a factor. Men aged 65 and older have also been linked to elevated health risks while using testosterone. If you find yourself have any health issues since you started taking one of the testosterone brands listed above, you need to tell your doctor immediately. Make sure you have your side effects documented and then consult with a Georgia testosterone attorney. They will have all of the latest information about risks related to each brand of product on the market.

The Problem for Patients Using this Treatment

There have been several issues for testosterone users. One is the right to know the risks involved in using medications. Although there are side effects that can happen without any foresight, there can be legal issues involved. Often a drug has not gone through a sufficient amount of testing before being released to the market. With some medications, the issue is one where a pharmaceutical company allegedly found out one or more of the risks, but failed to inform the consumer of these risks. In the case of low testosterone treatments, there has been an aggressive push to sell the need for the treatment when it may not be the best path to take. Before any man is proscribed testosterone, it should be properly diagnosed. It is common for symptoms to appear to be low testosterone, but may be a problem with the thyroid or a lack of vitamin B12. Only proper tests can determine whether it is a testosterone issue.

A Georgia testosterone attorney can be of great help to you or a loved one if you suspect there may be health issues that are related to testosterone treatment. Also, if you had a family member that has died recently of heart attack or stroke while being treated with testosterone, you should consider whether to contact Attorney Group for Georgia to discuss your legal rights. The latest information on health risks and current legal actions can be discussed by contacting us. At Attorney Group for Georgia, we can discuss your legal rights for your unique situation, help you decide if you have a claim, and connect you to an experienced attorney that will help you seek compensation for damages you or a loved one have suffered. Contact us today for your free consultation.