Could You Have a Product Liability Lawsuit?

Product Liability LawsuitHow Do You Know if You Have a Product Liability Lawsuit?

Thousands of people in Georgia and all over the United States suffer injuries due to defective products each year. It is important for those people to understand that they do not have to suffer the consequences alone. In many cases, the injured party can seek compensation for damages or injury they have suffered. This is known as a product liability lawsuit. A product liability lawyer can help injured parties understand their legal rights, and assist them in filing a product liability lawsuit.

Those who are injured due to a defective product should understand the importance of working with a product liability lawyer. In product liability lawsuits, the plaintiff has sustained an injury or experienced damage to property due to a defective or dangerous product. This product may be anything from a house, medical or industrial equipment, household appliance, motor vehicle or toy.

Possible defects to consider in a product liability lawsuit:

  • Defects in design: When flaws in which the design was intended causes it to pose unreasonable dangers to its users.
  • Defects in manufacturing: When products do not conform to certain specifications of the design or manufacturer.
  • Defects in marketing: When products have improper labels, inadequate instructions, or lack proper warnings about possible dangers.

To learn more about product liability lawsuits and whether you may have a case, read more information from one of our partners here. Our goal is to help those injured understand their legal rights in their specific situation, and the next steps to take in seeking compensation.

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When an accident is caused by a defect in a product, a product liability case may be in order. If you or a loved one has been injured, or someone you love has died, after an accident that may have been caused by a defective product, you may be eligible for a product liability lawsuit. You do have rights, and we are here to answer your questions and help you understand those rights. Contact Attorney Group for Georgia today to get your questions answered and find out what legal options you may have. We can also connect you with an experienced Georgia product liability lawyer that can handle your case and help you file a product liability lawsuit. Contact us today.