Semi Truck Accidents In Georgia

semi truck accidents in georgiaTruck driver fatigue is a threat to safety on the road. A disproportionate number of deaths are caused by tractor trailer accidents. According to estimates by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), fatigued driving plays a role in over 40% of all tractor trailer accidents. These accidents can be especially deadly because of the size and weight of large trucks. Statistics show that 57% of semi truck accidents in Georgia occur in rural locations, while 33% of semi truck accidents in Georgia occur in urban locations. The trucking industry is highly competitive, and because of this some drivers tend to work extra hours (beyond federal regulations) and drive while very tired, in order to meet tight deadlines. In any case, whether when driving a standard passenger vehicle or a large truck, it is very dangerous to drive when fatigued. The worst part about accidents that result from this behavior is that they are completely preventable.

The Hours-Of-Service regulations under federal law dictate the number of consecutive hours a truck driver can spend on the road, as well as the number of hours the driver must rest in between stretches of driving. If a driver violates these regulations, both the driver and the trucking company they work for can be held responsible for any injuries or deaths that occur as a result of a truck accident. There was a recent case in which a State Trooper was killed while on duty when his vehicle was struck by a semi-truck after the driver fell asleep at the wheel. Both the driver and the trucking company were fined by the FMCSA after investigation revealed that the truck had been in motion longer than federal regulations allow. Hours-Of-Service regulations mandate 10 hours of rest after a 14-hour day of driving. A truck driver can drive a maximum of 11 hours continuously, in this 14-hour workday. To comply with regulations, truck drivers are required to keep log books to record their driving time in detail.

Semi Truck Accidents in Georgia

Semi Truck Accidents in Georgia account for over 200 fatal truck accidents per year. Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations are minimum standard for intrastate carriers in Georgia, in order to prevent semi truck accidents in Georgia. State statute provides option of filing suit directly against insurers of motor carriers. Victims of semi truck accidents in Georgia can pursue possible compensation, with the help of attorneys affiliated with Attorney Group for Georgia. If you find yourself in this position, be aware that you DO have legal options and should not hesitate to contact said attorneys. Semi truck accidents in Georgia and any other state can be prevented by practicing safety precautions as well as the following of federal regulations. However, for the unfortunate situations in which accidents do occur, there are available legal options and pursuit of compensation available.
If you are injured in an accident where a semi truck is at fault, it can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing when going after a large company for compensation. Contact Attorney Group for Georgia today to have your questions answered and take the guesswork out of finding an attorney that will be on your side.