Traumatic Brain Injury News in Georgia

Traumatic Brain Injury- GeorgiaTraumatic brain injuries have been researched for many years, but most studies have focused on the impact of a severe injury. Mild or moderate traumatic brain injuries often get overlooked in studies due to a general opinion that most lasting effects are correlated with severe injuries. A new study proves that those conceptions were wrong. A mild traumatic brain injury can have long-term negative impacts on a person’s well being, especially if they are mistreated.

Here are a few of the main points from a recent traumatic brain injury study:

  • Many people who suffer even a mild traumatic brain injury will suffer cognitive issues.
  • Compared to healthy individuals, those who suffer a minor traumatic injury displayed signs of brain trauma on MRI scans one week later.
  • GCS tests, measuring responsiveness of the eyes, voice and body movement, were 25% lower than healthy individuals. Patients who had a slightly more moderate traumatic brain injury performed worse on the GCS tests.
  • The patients were brought back for further tests a year later. Most of the MRI results showed a fully healed brain, but some patients still had areas in the brain impacted by the trauma.

Traumatic Brain Injury in Georgia

Research conducted at Georgia State University examined the differences in the brain’s neural circuits pertaining to brain injuries. Currently, doctors find it difficult to predict how a patient will respond to certain brain traumas, which makes their treatment less specific. If scientists could better understand how each person is expected to react to an injury, treatments would improve.
By studying how certain animals react to severed neurons in the brain, the researchers at Georgia State University gathered valuable data. Their results are published in July’s edition of eLife. Click here for more information about the Georgia State University research regarding brain injuries.

NFL Players Reach Settlement with the League

A $765 million settlement has been reached in the lawsuit of around 5,000 former players against the National Football League. At issue in the lawsuit was traumatic brain injuries. These ex-players sued the league after developing medical conditions as a result of injuries suffered during their playing career.

The settlement resolves the court case, but the debate on traumatic brain injury does not end here. The NFL and other sports organizations are only just waking up to the reality regarding brain injuries. For too long, players have been sent back onto the field after suffering a blow to the head, with team doctors claiming that they were fine.

The NFL lawsuit, along with research linking hard hits to the head with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, should help raise awareness for thousands who suffer from brain trauma due to sports injuries.

Have You Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury in Georgia?

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