Georgia Blood Clot Lawsuit Attorneys

Blood Clots from Birth Control

Georgia Blood Clot Lawsuit Attorneys

DVT lawsuits have become prevalent in recent years, and it is important for patients who believe that they have been severely harmed by drugs like Yaz and Yasmin to know about their legal rights. DVT refers to a medical condition that is known as Deep Vein Thrombosis. Deep Vein Thrombosis is a condition in which blood clots form in areas of the body like the arms or legs. The condition is very painful, and there can be even more traumatic health issues that result from DVT. Some issues that can result from DVT include a pulmonary embolism, where the blood clot lodges in the lung.

One may notice that he or she has DVT due to the tenderness that develops in various parts of the body. One may feel pain or swelling in areas of his or her body. The symptoms continue to persist until a clot bursts and causes additional medical issues in an individual. An individual may suffer from discoloration in his or her legs after suffering from blood clots

According to studies and reports, one suspected cause of deep vein thrombosis is birth control medication. There have been medications documented with this side effect, and individuals may have suffered tremendously as a result of consuming these medications. Some individuals suffer from trauma, while other individuals require intensive surgery to deal with blood clots and their side effects, which have become the basis of lawsuits against the manufacturers of certain birth control medications.

Yaz, Yasmin, Ortho Evra and Other Drugs Allegedly Causing DVT

Birth control pills have been allegedly reported to increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis in women. There are over 12,000 lawsuits that have been brought against the manufacturers of birth control drugs such as Yaz and Yasmin. The individuals who have suffered from DVT have also reportedly suffered from other side effects that are allegedly associated with these drugs.

Some individuals who have taken these drugs have reported other injuries as well, such as gallbladder disease or even stroke. Myocardial infraction is another illness that is associated with consumption of these birth control pills. Those who have suffered injuries after consuming these drugs are now beginning to assert their legal rights in personal injury actions against the drug manufacturers whose products they claim caused their condition.

Georgia blood clot lawsuit attorneys are seeing DVT lawsuits filed in multi-district litigation proceedings now. There have been MDL proceedings that have started in Illinois, and this gives each plaintiff the opportunity to bring his or her original claim against the drug manufacturer. The judge consolidates the DVT lawsuits so that he or she can oversee the discovery process that impacts all of the cases. Because the facts of these DVT lawsuits are quite similar, they can be consolidated into multi-district litigation proceedings. This promotes judicial efficiency and enables the judge to handle more DVT lawsuits at once.

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If you have been injured after taking one of the drugs listed above, then you should get in touch with Georgia blood clot lawsuit attorneys so that you can learn more about your legal rights. It is important for you to understand the legal options that you have for moving forward in your case. You have every right to seek compensation for the serious injuries that you have suffered if they were caused by a birth control medication such as Yaz or Yasmin.

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Georgia blood clot lawsuit attorneys are now available to help you in moving forward in filing blood clot or DVT lawsuits. The Georgia Injury Attorney Group is available to analyze your claim to help you decide if you wish to seek compensation. You may be entitled to damages to cover the injuries that you have suffered after taking these drugs, if a link is found.

Some of the damages that you may be eligible to receive may include pain and suffering, loss of wages and medical expenses. You can contact Attorney Group for Georgia to receive an initial consultation of your claim. Get in touch with Georgia Dangerous Drug Attorneys today to learn more about your legal rights. Our Georgia blood clot lawsuit attorneys are ready and willing to help you take the next step in filing DVT lawsuits on your behalf. So contact Attorney Group for Georgia today for your free consultation.