Georgia Januvia Lawsuit Attorneys

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Januvia is a Type II diabetes drug that has reportedly caused thousands of patients throughout the United States to experience adverse effects. If you are a Georgia resident who has been injured after taking Januvia, then you should get in touch with Attorney Group for Georgia in order to be connected with a Georgia Januvia lawsuit attorney. You may be eligible to become part of the Januvia lawsuits that are now being filed across the nation.

The History of Januvia

Merck & Co., Inc. is the pharmaceutical company responsible for manufacturing Januvia. The drug received approval for the medical market in October of 2006. The Food and Drug Administration approved Januvia for the market, but thousands of patients have reportedly suffered various injuries ever since that date. Januvia has reportedly been linked to pancreatic cancer and adverse thyroid conditions in patients who consume the drug. Recent research studies indicate that Januvia contains inhibitors that prevent a patient’s body from being able to fight off these types of cancers. Patients should get in touch with a Georgia Januvia lawsuit attorney affiliated with Attorney Group for Georgia if they have suffered from pancreatic cancer or other forms of cancer after taking the drug.

Reported Side Effects of Januvia

In the worst reported instances of patients consuming Januvia, it has been discovered that Januvia patients have developed pancreatic cancer. This development of cancer has prevented patients from returning to work, caring for their families or otherwise leading their normal daily lives. Many patients have even died as a result of pancreatic cancer that has been linked to taking Januvia. If you or a loved one has suffered from cancer after consuming Januvia, then you may want to take part in the Januvia lawsuits that are now being filed. Georgia residents can seek legal counsel from Georgia Januvia lawsuit attorneys, such as those affiliated with Attorney Group for Georgia.

According to medical studies, Januvia has many adverse side effects associated with it. Patients who develop adverse side effects after taking Januvia may be entitled to compensation with the help of a lawyer. There are initial side effects that patients may suffer, which are very painful and can also be embarrassing. These initial side effects include diarrhea, constipation, sore throat, nausea, stomach pain and complications. Unfortunately, patients who have consumed Januvia were reportedly unaware that they could experience these adverse effects. If you were never aware that these side effects were a possibility, then you may be eligible to pursue a claim against the manufacturers of Januvia through a Georgia Januvia lawsuit attorney.

In addition, reports have stated that there are other more severe forms of harm that patients have suffered after taking Januvia. These serious complications include side effects like shortness of breath, development of pancreatic and other forms of cancer, severe skin reactions, weight gain, difficulty in urination and body sweating. These unpleasant side effects can even keep plaintiffs from partaking in normal daily activities or going to work. If you have had to miss work due to experiencing one of these side effects, then you may be eligible to take part in a Januvia lawsuit.

Georgia Januvia Lawsuit Attorneys

Plaintiffs who have experienced harm or serious side effects after taking Januvia are now filing lawsuits against Merck & Co., Inc. The lawsuits being filed against Merck assert that the manufacturer knew about the dangerous risks posed by Januvia, and that Merck failed to take any steps to disclose these risks to the public. If there are Georgia Januvia lawsuits that have now been filed in state court, they may be removed to federal court. Georgia Januvia lawsuit attorneys may find it more efficient to move Januvia lawsuits to federal court, and group them together for the purpose of multi-district litigation proceedings in the future.

Georgia Injury Attorney Group Can Help

A Georgia Januvia lawsuit attorney affiliated with Attorney Group for Georgia can help patients who have had to suffer the adverse consequences of taking Januvia. No one should have to suffer from serious side effects like cancer after taking a drug that they believed would help them. By contacting Attorney Group for Georgia, you can start your path to pursuing compensation for the damages you or a loved one has had to suffer. Get your questions answered, and connect with an experienced attorney that can handle your case. So contact Attorney Group for Georgia today for your free consultation.