Georgia Nexplanon Attorneys

Georgia nexplanon attorneys

While many contraceptives are ingested via pill, certain contraceptives are surgically implanted into a woman’s body. Many of these contraceptives have generated complications for numerous women and have proven to be either dangerous or defective. Georgia Nexplanon Attorneys are filing law suits against Nexplanon, a contraceptive implant. A thin device that is not longer than three inches, Nexplanon is an implant that is surgically placed underneath the inner upper arm. Throughout the month, Nexplanon releases synthetic progestin, an essential female hormone related to ovulation, in the form of etonogestrel. The device is highly effective in preventing pregnancy. Out of 100 women, 99 women will not be able to get pregnant while on the device. The release of etonogestrel thickens the mucous of the cervix, preventing sperm from entering the uterus. In addition, ovulation is precluded through this process.

Georgia Nexplanon Attorneys Discuss Risks

Georgia Nexplanon Attorneys have noted complications with Nexplanon since its release onto the market in November 2011. First, the British Medical Journal published a crucial study from Denmark demonstrating a significantly heightened risk of blood clots for women using contraceptive implants, including Nexplanon. This increased risk is as high as 40%.

Using a pool of women between 15-49, the Danish study monitored blood clot risks, taking into account patient history or prior experience with cancer. Only the inter-uterine implant, or IUD, did not present a heightened risk of blood clots while the other contraceptive implants demonstrated a host of alarming results. First, Georgia Nexplanon Attorneys assert that implants occurring below the skin, were nearly 8 times more likely to produce blood clots. Vaginal rings, which are inserted and then pressed against the cervix, were nearly 7 times more likely.

Symptoms Associated with Using Nexplanon

Georgia Nexplanon Attorneys are pursuing litigation on behalf of patients who have experienced adverse side effects, especially blood clots. Blood clots are serious, life-threatening issues. When the blood clots appear in veins, they can escalate into what is known as deep vein thrombosis.

Many clients represented by Georgia Nexplanon Attorneys have experienced clots in the lungs, resulting in breathing difficulties. Such clients experience fatigue, anemia, anxiety, and a restricted diet, which are related to subsequent treatment. If a clot occurs in the brain, the patient can suffer from a stroke, which can result in permanent disability, partial facial and bodily paralysis, memory loss, or death. When blood clots proliferate throughout the body, they can be extremely debilitating and will limit the patient’s mobility.

Georgia Nexplanon Attorneys have noted other side effects include:

  • Blood clots
  • Poor circulation
  • Thrombrosis
  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Heart difficulties
  • Difficulties breathing
  • Damage to surrounding tissue of device
  • Damage to blood vessels

Hiring Georgia Nexplanon Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been using Nexplanon contraceptives, please consult your physician about complications and side effects that may have gone undetected, or that you may currently be experiencing. If your have experienced complications due to Nexplanon usage, contact Georgia Nexplanon attorneys for a thorough review of your case. Georgia Nexplanon Attorneys will provide a free, confidential consultation. Should we take you on as a client, we will seek compensation on your behalf for medical expenses, pain, suffering, loss of income or wages, and fees associated with pursuing litigation. Certain statutes may limit pursuit of compensation for particular cases so please contact us today.