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Pradaxa® is a prescription-grade blood thinner that was developed by Boehringer-Ingelheim in the late 2000s for use in the United States. It was approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration in 2010 to prevent blood clots and strokes in patients who suffer from an irregular heartbeat that is not caused by a faulty heart valve. Pradaxa® works by preventing the production of a substance called thrombin that helps your body clot blood properly. Most patients see positive results after taking Pradaxa® for about six weeks. Most patients take Pradaxa® in doses that range from 75-150 milligrams. However, many doctors prescribe different doses to accommodate the individual needs of some patients.

Pradaxa’s Potential Side Effects

Some patients who have taken Pradaxa® or its generic equivalent called Dabigatran Etexilate have reported no side effects after taking the drug. However, many patients have reported suffering joint pain, swelling of the joints, bruising that is slow to heal, mild to moderate headaches, and mild to moderate indigestion.

Other patients reported even more severe side effects, such as internal bleeding that requires immediate medical attention, heart attack or stroke, kidney problems, and even hemorrhaging that occurs near vital organs.

Pradaxa® Warnings for Consumers Taking Pradaxa

FDA Warnings:
The FDA has issued warnings regarding Pradaxa®’s potential side effects. One of these warnings was issued in 2012 after several patients reported suffering from unexpected bleeding after taking Pradaxa®. It warned medical professionals about the possibility of patients developing serious internal bleeding problems that could take place after taking Pradaxa® for more than six weeks.

Another safety bulletin was issued in 2013 after several people filed Pradaxa lawsuits. It warned medical professionals about the potential for developing life-threatening hemorrhages that could occur near a patient’s abdominal wall and intestines. It also reminded patients of the possibly of developing potentially life-threatening blood clots that could develop after taking Pradaxa® for more than eight weeks.

Cleveland Clinic Warnings:
The Cleveland Clinic warned patients in 2012 about the potential for increasing the risk of developing acute coronary syndrome after taking Pradaxa® for more than six weeks. This warning was issued after the Cleveland Clinic conducted double-blind clinical trials that involved more than 34,000 patients.

Have You Been Affected by Pradaxa?

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