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Wright Conserve Hip System

Hip replacement surgeries are done with the objective of having a person walk comfortably again without feeling any pain. Out of the approximately 500,000 hip replacement surgeries that are performed in the United States every year, the majority are actually successful. But there is a considerable number of hip replacements that go wrong, causing the patient to suffer from even more pain and sometimes having to face additional complications or health issues. Georgia Wright Conserve Hip Recall Attorneys are here to assist people who have been injured by a defective hip replacement product.

Our hip replacement lawyers in Georgia have recently been informed that there are two models of hip implants which are being investigated and have shown signs of being defective. The products in question are the Wright Profemur Hip Replacement and Wright Conserve Metal Hip Replacement.

In the Wright Conserve Metal Hip Replacement, there are metallic parts which may come in contact during normal use. Wright Conserve attorneys are very well aware of the problems that this can cause to patients. The metallic pieces may become loose, fail prematurely or release metal ions in the body and bloodstream. Wright Conserve attorneys have seen cases where patients reported metal poisoning, which can be fatal in some cases.

wright conserve hip recall attorneys

The Wright Medical Profemur device has also been linked to metal poisoning, plus other problems such as the device shattering while implanted in some patients. Symptoms experienced by patients include severe pain, swelling and redness. As these complications can be very serious, anyone affected should consult a medical professional to determine whether corrective surgery may be needed. Experienced Wright Medical hip replacement attorneys in Georgia should also be consulted to protect your legal rights as a patient.

Our Wright Medical hip replacement attorneys specialize in getting you the compensation that you fully deserve if you’ve been injured by a defective hip replacement product. Wright Conserve hip recall attorneys in Georgia have the experience necessary to quickly evaluate your case and see if you could be eligible for compensation.

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