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If you have suffered injuries from a car crash or other accident involving Hercules tires, you may be entitled to compensation in a products liability lawsuit. Georgia law limits your time to recover damages, so if you believe that Hercules tires caused your injuries you sustained in an auto accident, you should contact Georgia Injury Attorney Group immediately for a free consultation. Attorneys’ education, training and experience helps them evaluate your case and determine what you should do to receive the compensation that you deserve. The tire companies have lawyers representing them to limit potential liability, which means that you need experienced Georgia product liability attorneys to help fight for your rights.

Hercules Tire & Rubber Co. sent a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on February 8, 2013 recalling its All Trac A/T 10-ply Load Range E tires with serial numbers JEJKECL5108-4010 . These tires are primarily used for commercial purposes on light-duty trucks and are 16 or 17 inches in diameter. Chinese company Shandong Yongsheng Rubber Group Co. Ltd. manufactures these tires, which Hercules sells.

Hercules was named a defendant in a lawsuit in September 2012 after the plaintiff alleged that a defect in the Hercules tires caused a collision. According to the NHTSA report, over 100,000 units of this product could be included in the recall. Hercules has volunteered to replace the tires for free after an internal investigation by Hercules revealed that the belts and treads on the All Trac A/T 10-ply Load Range E tires can separate from the rest of the tire. This dangerous separation may lessen a driver’s ability to control his or her vehicle. One crash was reported, but Hercules did not comment as to whether there were other reported crashes or injuries.

Plaintiffs who suffer bodily injuries caused by a defective product may sue under theories of negligence, warranty or strict liability. Plaintiffs who suffer property damage may sue under warranty or negligence. In order to recognize whether you have a claim and the theory of law under which your claim arises, you should seek the advice of an experienced Georgia product liability attorney. The amount of work required for a successful product liabilities lawsuit may seem overwhelming and a little confusing, but with the right team of Georgia product liability attorneys by your side, you will know that your rights are being protected.

By law, those injured by an accident caused by a defective product may sue for compensatory and possibly exemplary damages caused by products that are defectively processed, manufactured or distributed. In addition to pursuing compensation for your actual damages, Georgia product liability attorneys may also seek exemplary damages, commonly known as punitive damages, against the company or companies responsible. Punitive or exemplary damages are imposed when the court and jury find that the defendant should be punished or that additional damages beyond the plaintiff’s actual damages are necessary as a deterrent to prevent the defendant from repeating the same or similar dangerous wrongdoing.

The biggest mistake that most injured people make is waiting too long to contact an attorney. Over time injuries worsen, evidence is lost or destroyed and witnesses move away from the area. If you have been injured in an auto accident or have been injured due to a defective product, you should immediately contact Attorney Group for Georgia. The Georgia product liability attorneys affiliated with Attorney Group for Georgia can handle product liability lawsuits based on injuries in Hercules tires cases. If you suffered injuries in a car accident and you believe Hercules tires were involved, contact Attorney Group for Georgia today for your free consultation.