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As soon as a driver gets arrested, they need to make sure that they call a DUI attorney as soon as possible. Many people don’t realize that getting charged with a DUI or a DWI is a very serious charge, and can carry serious consequences in people’s lives. Even just those who went out to dinner and had a few drinks with their meal may get pulled over and charged with driving while intoxicated. Getting Georgia DUI attorneys help people to learn what their rights are, and what they can do to best protect themselves.

Georgia DUI Attorneys

Those who make a traffic violation and go through some sobriety checkpoints may end getting a DUI arrest. Many people are not aware of what their rights are when they are pulled over for a DUI. Many officers will ask drivers that they take a field sobriety test after they are pulled over. Many are not aware that this test is optional, and they have the right to refuse to do this. In most states, the breath alcohol test is optional as well. This test can be administered in several different places, and police can get a warrant from the court compelling people to give a blood or fluid sample to test for alcohol in their system.

If people are being arrested on their first DUI, they will likely not be booked at the county jail. In the case that a person is actually book, they will spend some time in a cell until a family member can bail them out. Getting one of the Georgia DUI attorneys right away is important. They will also be questioned by the police, searched and then a court date will be set when the case will first be heard. Over time, there will be an investigation, but most of the evidence will have been collected when the arrest was made or from the blood alcohol test. Also during this time, the police will be looking at the driving record to see if there are other things that have happened in the past. Additionally, they will take a look at the rest of the driver’s criminal background.

The Aftermath

The first hearing regarding this case is often heard within a day of a person being booked in jail. This is when the judge will set a bail amount, or deny bail, as well as set any other conditions for the driver’s release. Those who don’t show up to this hearing will have a warrant put out for their arrest, and it is important to get one of the Georgia DUI attorneys and go to court. In some cases, those who don’t have a criminal record and the judge believes that they are likely to come back to court will be released on their own recognizance. This means that they can leave without having to pay for bail.

Once this has been completed, there will be an arraignment. This is where the driver will tell the court if they are pleading guilty, not guilty or no contest. Often, once this has been done the Georgia DUI attorneys will talk with the prosecutor about getting some type of deal. A good one of the Georgia DUI attorneys can fight for the best deal, which can help to reduce this to a misdemeanor or keep people out of jail.

Contacting Attorney Group for Georgia

In the case that it goes to trial, drivers have the right to have a trial with a jury. Also, those who don’t want that can get what is called a bench trial, and have only a judge make a decision. Good Georgia DWI/DUI defense attorneys can help to get drivers the best possible outcome. Contact the Georgian Injury Attorney Group to speak with one of our affiliated Georgia DUI attorneys.