Georgia Negligent Security Attorneys

Georgia Negligent Security Attorneys


Every year in the U.S., countless individuals become the victims of violent attacks, and, every year, the victims who want compensation seek out the help of Georgia negligent security attorneys. Often, these attacks take place in hotels, apartment complexes, university campuses, parking lots, shopping malls, and various other types of public and private properties. Some of these malignant attacks may be impossible to prevent, even with strict security measures, but a large number of these attacks are preventable with adequate security precautions, such as video surveillance equipment, proper lighting, security staff, and criminal background checks. If you have been the victim of an attack, in addition to criminal charges, Georgia negligent security attorneys may be able to pursue a claim to get you the compensation you deserve.

A negligent security claim is a specific kind of premises liability claim that allows a person injured by an attacker on someone else’s property, either public or private, to seek monetary compensation for their injuries from the owner of the property. Georgia negligent security attorneys have successfully found universities, business owners, private and commercial property owners, and landlords liable in numerous negligent security claims.

Traditionally, claims of negligent security have been filed by people who were physically attacked while on the premises of another person’s property. Examples of these claimants are students who have been attacked while on campus, residents of apartment complexes, people who have been injured while shopping, or employees who have been assaulted by co-workers. Today, negligent security can often be expanded to include victims of identity theft, cybercrimes, and terrorist attacks.


In Georgia, landlords must provide reasonable security measures to protect their tenants from any foreseeable harm. Typically, landlords must only provide adequate security, such as lighting, in common areas like building hallways and parking lots. If an attack happens inside a resident’s dwelling, landlords usually cannot be held liable for any injuries. Additionally, if a landlord can prove that a tenant’s injuries were at least in part due to their own negligence, then the liability of the landlord can usually be dismissed.

In Georgia, colleges and universities must provide their students with protection from foreseeable harm as well. If a university fails to provide reasonable measures of protection for its students, it may be ordered to compensate students for their injuries. The courts will review evidence that proves whether or not the attack could be considered as foreseeable. An attack occurring at a sorority or fraternity may limit a university’s liability, unless it occurred during an event sponsored by the university. However, professional Georgia negligent security attorneys have achieved a high success rate in negligent security claims brought against a number of colleges and universities within the state.

In injury cases that take place in the workplace, the recovery of compensation may be hindered by workers’ compensation laws, but negligent security claims can still be successfully brought against employers in cases involving an attack on an employee by a fellow co-worker. In addition to violence amongst co-workers, Georgia negligent security attorneys have also been successful in winning claims based upon attacks on visitors to the workplace and acts of domestic violence that occur at the workplace by an employee’s spouse.

Civil courts typically use a specific balancing test in order to determine the context of the events regarding each specific case. The court will examine photo evidence presented by Georgia negligent security attorneys to determine the potential for harm in the area of the property where the attack took place and the likelihood of an attack occurring. If a judge finds that the burden of providing reasonable protection is too high, then the property owner may not be held liable. Reasonable protection depends upon the nature of the environment, but it may include anything from a street light to an armed security guard. As each case is different, experienced Georgia negligent security attorneys are adept at reviewing evidence and can determine the likelihood of a claim being successful before engaging in lengthy legal proceedings.

What You Can Do

Hotel guests, residents of apartment complexes, students, and office workers can all be victims of violent attacks due to the improper security of a property. In most cases, property owners know that reasonable security measures could have deterred a violent attack from taking place. Under Georgia premises liability law, victims have the right to sue property owners for cases involving negligent security. If you have been the victim of an attack that took place on someone else’s property, you should contact Georgia negligent security attorneys specializing in this area of the law for a case review and possible compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and any pain and suffering that you may have endured.