Georgia Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Georgia Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Bicycle accidents are more common than one may think. A recent study released by the NHTSA shows that there have been 52,000 accidents involving automobiles and bicycles in the last year. Of those, 612 deaths occurred. This is a staggering figure, especially if you are an avid bicyclist. Furthermore, the mere fact that the size of that figure is so staggering is exactly the reason that so many Georgia bicycle accident attorneys are being called upon. If you are in search of one to represent you, you need not look any further than Attorney Group for Georgia.

Bicycle accidents can occur for many different reasons. However, the most common forms of bicycle accidents happen when:

  • Cars Fail To Yield. Automobile drivers often wrongly believe that thy have the right away on the road. These drivers do not use caution because they feel that people on bicycles or on foot should yield to them.
  • Blind Spots. Due to the way some cars are designed, the driver may have a blind spot, especially on the right hand side of the vehicle.
  • Car Doors. Car doors are opened without consideration and the bicyclist is hit.
  • DUI. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol inhibits the driver of the vehicle and places everyone in danger.

When To Consult Georgia Bicycle Accident Attorneys

georgia bicycle accident attorneys

If you have been injured while riding your bicycle, after you receive medical care, you should contact Georgia bicycle accident attorneys to protect your rights as a victim of an accident. As the victim, you are entitled to specific forms of compensation under Georgia law.

To better your odds of receiving this compensation, it is recommended that you contact Georgia bicycle accident attorneys as soon as possible after the event. This will allow the attorneys to gather evidence and take witness statements while it is still fresh in your mind.

Hiring Georgia bicycle accident attorneys will also help you with your interactions with the insurance company. Insurance companies are interested in their bottom line, not the injured. Having an attorney will force them to dispense the right type of medical care and issue the type of compensation that they are required to provide.

Follow The Advice Of Your Georgia Bicycle Accident Attorneys

When you are making a claim for compensation for your injuries, your attorney will give you specific instructions on hat to do d what not to do. Some of this advice may include:

  • Do not provide the insurance company with any verbal or written statements about the cased. Tell the adjustor that you can only provide this information after you have spoken to your attorney.
  • Do not post any information about your accident or injuries, or the current status of your injuries on any social sites. Insurance adjustors frequent these sites in an effort to find information they can use against you. If you must share, keep it simple. “I was involved in an accident and was hurt.” Anything more than that can be damaging.
  • Follow All Medical Instructions. If your doctor states that you need bed rest, physical therapy, or any other type of instructions, follow them. Do not miss appointments or decline treatment. Insurance companies see missed appointments and declining treatment as a sign that you are not in need of medical services.

Why File For Compensation

Many cyclists do not realize that under Georgia law they may be entitled to several types of compensation for their injuries. These may include:

  • Lost wages, both current and future.
  • Loss of spousal or parental financial support.
  • Property damage for bicycle replacement or repairs.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Medical care, including any future treatment or therapies needed.
  • Emotional distress.
  • Possible punitive damages.

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Since each case is different, the levels of compensation will be, as well. During a free consultation with one of Attorney Group for Georgia’s Georgia bicycle accident attorneys, can review your case and give you some idea of what to expect should you qualify. Do not hesitate to take action; contact us today.