Georgia Brain Injury Lawyers

Georgia Brain Injury Lawyers


Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, occur when some type of trauma, such as a prolonged lack of oxygen, negatively affects the brain and results in the loss or diminished functioning of the affected area. While this type of injury can be extremely serious, it is also more common than one might think, with sources reporting that a TBI takes place nearly every 15 seconds. The leading explanation for why TBIs occur so often is that they can be caused by so many different kinds of accidents, from various physical traumas to oxygen deprivation. With so many instances of men, women, and children sustaining a TBI, it is no wonder why so many victims are seeking out Georgia brain injury lawyers.

Georgia Brain Injury Lawyers

Of the multitude of potential causes of traumatic brain injuries, some of the most common include injuries sustained during sports, falls, motor vehicle accidents and the shaking of infants. Luckily, qualified Georgia brain injury lawyers will be able to assist you no matter what the cause of the trauma is.

Consequences of Brain Injuries

Whether or not the injury is considered severe or mild, a TBI can lead to long-lasting medical effects of varying severity. Some potential symptoms of TBIs are difficulties with thinking processes, losses in concentration, memory issues, continuous headaches, unstable moods and limited motor abilities in the legs and arms.

It should be noted that traumatic brain injuries can often be difficult to treat, due to the fact that symptoms can vary considerably from patient to patient, even when patients have experienced the same or similar injuries. Consequently, ER personnel and medical staff aren’t always able to determine that TBI patients are in need of urgent care, which can bring up legal complications in the case as well. It has been well documented that although some traumatic brain injuries are caused solely by accidents, there are others that occur because of someone’s legal negligence.

Working with Brain Injury Lawyers

Georgia brain injury lawyers are prepared to handle an array of cases involving TBIs, such as those caused by automobile accidents, negligent child care providers, faulty equipment, and malpractice at the hands of medical professionals. Due to the complex nature of TBIs, Georgia brain injury lawyers will advise that you keep thorough documentation of the injury, and they will need to confirm who or what was the cause of the injury in the first place. One of the best things you can do when pursuing an injury legally is to keep track of any and all documentation related to the injury. Far too often is a case broken or made because one simple document was kept or discarded.

What Can You Do?

If you or someone you know has suffered a traumatic brain injury because of the negligence of an individual or a business, it would be advisable to contact Georgia brain injury lawyers as soon as possible to pursue the case. To increases your chances of the case being successful, you should be sure that the law firm you contact has a decent amount of experience with TBI litigation. Keep in mind that these types of cases can be very challenging and call for thorough research, a certain kind of finesse in medical testimony and intimate familiarity with Georgia’s applicable liability laws.

If you are in need of Georgia brain injury lawyers, your search can end at Attorney Group for Georgia. It is vital to remember that the success of your case rests almost entirely on the competence of the Georgia brain injury lawyers that you select to handle your case. With this in mind, get in touch with our affiliated Georgia brain injury attorneys by contacting our office today.