Georgia Product Liability Attorneys

Seeking Compensation for the Victims of Defective Products

Product liability laws are designed to provide protection against things that are bought and used by consumers and, far too often, cause harm to their users. Georgia product liability attorneys have the responsibility of using these laws to obtain monetary compensation for those who have been victimized by such products.

Consumers use countless products in their daily lives, from automobiles and clothes to foods, tools, appliances and household chemicals. These products are supposedly produced and marketed with safety in mind. However, consumer goods do not always function as designed, and occasionally they are improperly built or made in such a manner that encourages improper use. A malfunctioning or faulty product can often result in injury to its user or to others. In some cases, defective products can cause death. It is in these cases when Georgia product liability attorneys can provide the legal services that will help the victims and their families.

Parents who purchase a crib should expect that it will provide protection for their baby when it is asleep or awake. In the event that the infant is injured after getting stuck in its slats or becomes ill after swallowing hazardous materials that were used in the crib, the parents can take action against those who made or sold them the product. Parents whose children have been harmed by defective cribs, toys or other products can turn to Georgia product liability attorneys, who can help them consider their legal options.

Types of Liabilities

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There are different elements of product liability. Some products may be of poor design, even to the degree that they present an inherent threat to consumers. In such cases, there may be different parties who are potentially liable for damages, including the manufacturer, the wholesaler and even the retail store that sold the product. Other cases of product liability may involve an item that was properly designed but improperly constructed. In these cases, the manufacturer or subcontractors who were involved in its construction may be liable for damages. Still other cases involve what are known as marketing defects, in which the consumer is not properly informed as to the correct use of a particular product, resulting in harm to the user. Georgia product liability attorneys understand the many aspects of product liability and will use their expertise to the benefit of their clients.

Winning a product liability case in court is not always an easy task. The victims of defective products or their families must prove that the manufacturer or seller breached their responsibilities and that this act of misconduct was responsible for the injury or death. Georgia product liability attorneys will represent the victims to the fullest as they guide their cases through the legal system. They will employ specialists in many different fields to discuss how certain products caused injuries, and carefully detail how the defendants are legally responsible.

Finding the Right Georgia Product Liability Attorneys

Georgia product liability attorneys will help the victims preserve the suspected products or other important information as evidence. They are experts in presenting evidence in ways that can convince juries to rule in favor of their clients. In the event that the case is settled before going to trial, Georgia product liability attorneys will work to assure that the victims and their families receive adequate compensation.

The victims of defective products are entitled to compensation for many reasons. Injuries can be costly in terms of medical bills and lost wages. The victims can also be awarded damages for the pain and suffering associated with their injuries, and in some cases for the deaths of family members. Georgia product liability attorneys can help these individuals obtain the compensation that they deserve. Contact Attorney Group for Georgia today for a free consultation.