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Have you been injured by a semi-truck? If so, you are not alone. Every day, Georgia truck accident attorneys assist clients who have sustained serious injuries in truck accidents. If you or a loved one have recently been injured in an accident with a semi-truck, Georgia truck accident attorneys may be able to help.

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Recovery for personal injury sustained at the hands of a negligent party stems from the law of torts, which is a broad body of law used to compensate people when they are physically, emotionally, or economically damaged. To better evaluate whether you might have a good case against a trucking company, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of tort and negligence law. Talk to Georgia truck accident attorneys for more information.

Negligence, which is the most frequent basis for recovery in tort, arises when a party breaches a duty of care owed to the injured person. This duty of care is a legal obligation that requires a person to act a certain way. In the context of operating motor vehicles, drivers are held to the “reasonable person” standard, meaning that the question the jury will decide is whether a reasonable person would have made a decision similar to the person who caused the injury. If a person’s driving falls below this reasonable-person standard, they have breached their duty of care. If their breach causes an injury, they injured party can recover in tort.

For Example

Say, for example, a young man is sending a text message while driving a vehicle. Because the text message has taken his attention away from the road, he runs a stop sign and collides with another car. The passenger of the other car, a young woman, is paralyzed, and the driver suffers a broken arm. Georgia truck accident attorneys would most likely tell you that the young man should be liable for the injuries, because a reasonable person would not text and drive at the same time.

The Root of the Problem

Vehicles are obviously dangerous, and injuries such as the hypothetical above are common. However, when large semi-trucks are thrown into the mix, the problem becomes a lot more severe. Semi-trucks are much heavier, much harder to control, and much more dangerous than an ordinary vehicle. When a large truck is involved in an accident, the chances of severe injury and fatality are much greater. In fact, trucking accidents led to nearly 5,000 traffic deaths each year, and two in every one-hundred auto accidents involves a semi-truck. These numbers are staggering when one considers the low frequency of semi-trucks actually on the road. To learn more, talk to Georgia truck accident attorneys as soon as possible.

Because semi-trucks are so dangerous, tort law is extremely important in the context of trucking accidents. One of the functions of tort law, in addition to compensating injured persons, is to deter people from causing injuries. Thus, Georgia truck accident attorneys work not only to make sure people receive their dues, they also work to make the road a safer place. It is important for truck drivers and companies to be held to a certain standard in order to give them incentives to take safety steps, such as mandatory driving breaks, drug and alcohol tests, and operating instructions. Georgia truck accident attorneys are integral in this process.

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Also worth noting is the fact that trucking companies are almost always liable for the negligent acts of their employees, meaning that injured parties have a much greater chance of sustaining a significant recovery. Georgia truck accident attorneys can help you better understand this, and all other aspects of your case. Contact Attorney Group for Georgia to speak to one today.

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