Category: Defective Medical Devices

Woman in a wheelchair | Stryker Hip Injury

Stryker Hip Recalls Devour Company’s Profits

An Ohio Stryker hip injury lawyer notes that two popular hip devices that were the subject of a 2012 recall have put a damper on the quarterly profits […]

Man Holding His Hip | Ohio Hip Replacement Attorney

Metal Hip Replacements Under Increased FDA Scrutiny

An Ohio hip replacement attorney notes that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now requiring some hip replacement manufacturers to submit their products to a strict […]

A Surgery Team | Ohio Bair Hugger Attorney

Lawsuits: Bair Hugger Design Flaws Promote Joint Infections

Lawsuits claim that Bair Hugger warming blanket design flaws caused patients to suffer severe deep joint infections. It is expected that the inventor of the Bair Hugger warming […]