Alabama Blitz Gas Can Explosions

blitz gas can lawsuits alabamaThere are dozens of injuries that gas can explosion lawyers have represented in recent years in a Blitz lawsuit. The Oklahoma based Blitz USA produced approximately 14 million gas cans a year for decades without putting a warning label or safety device on their cans to prevent explosion. Many people have been injured and children have even died from this lack of preventive measures. Although the company is now closed, Alabama Blitz gas can explosion attorneys are still filing civil suits for gross negligence on behalf of the victims.


The issue with these plastic Blitz gas cans that are still in garages, sheds and trucks all across America is that there is no flame arrestor on the cans. Without this safety device, when gas is poured from the cans, gas fumes are released into the air that can explode and cause severe burns and fires. Blitz gas can explosion lawyers argue that the warning label is vague at best and does not clearly state that this can occur, leaving unsuspecting users unaware.


There have been fourteen deaths due to these items and a Blitz lawsuit attorney has helped many of the victims or their families file a Blitz lawsuit. Six of the people killed were children and according to many Alabama gas can explosion attorneys, these deaths could have been prevented by the simple addition of a flame arrester on the can. It is estimated that the safety piece would have only cost about fifty cents to make and add to the can but instead the company chose profits over safety of the public.


Even though the company is no longer making gas cans, they are still responsible to pay compensation if a person wins a Blitz lawsuit. There is an estimated 150 million of these gas cans that are still being used. Many people may have been injured and not realized that it was not their fault, but instead caused by a lack of safety equipment. For those who have been injured or have a loved one that has sustained injuries due to these faulty gas cans, they should contact a Blitz lawsuit attorney. The Alabama Attorney Group has experienced negligence and personal injury lawyers that can assist victims in filing their claim and getting the compensation they deserve for their injuries.