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Blitz Lawsuit

Blitz USA filed for bankruptcy in July 2012 because they could not afford product liability insurance any more. Product liability insurance deductibles are high to start with and increase even more when it is used. Blitz is now faced with 42 product liability lawsuits.

Gas Can Explosions:

  • Landon Beadore is a 3-year-old who, while putting up his sister’s tricycle, knocked over a Blitz fuel can. A water heater ignited the vapors, which flashed back into the can. This caused an explosion that covered almost half of Landon’s body with severe burn injuries. This explosion could have been prevented with a flame arrestor.
  • Chad Funchess is a firefighter who was a victim of an explosion while filling his chainsaw with gas from a Blitz gas can. He was in a coma for over four months.
  • William Melvin was part of a pit crew for a Porsche racing team. He was thrown through his barn when his Blitz gas can exploded while putting gas in his lawnmower.
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Product Liability Lawsuits

The responsibility of a manufacturer is to make and market safe products for consumers. When manufacturers market products that do not have basic safety features, they should be held accountable for any harm caused to its victims. If you or a loved one have been injured due to the negligence of Blitz USA to provide a safe portable fuel container, gas can explosions attorneys at Attorney Group for Alabama will work to hold them accountable.