Alabama Morcellator Cancer Lawsuit

Alabama Morcellator Cancer Lawsuit

For years, patients have received hysterectomies without worrying the
minimally invasive procedure could potentially cause cancer, especially when many patients undergo the procedure to prevent cancer in the first place. During hysterectomies, doctors sometimes use a device called a morcellator to cut up the uterus and remove it in pieces. During the removal process, cells within the uterus can be dispersed into the liver, intestines, and bloodstream. In the event that cells within the uterus are cancerous, they have the potential to spread the cancer throughout the body.

FDA Guidance

In April 2014, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning that morcellators used during hysterectomy procedures can be linked to cancer in approximately 1 in 350 cases. Following this announcement, Johnson & Johnson ceased all sales of morcellator products. The FDA said that manufacturers either were aware or should have been aware of the possible side effects of morcellator use. As a result, manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson may be liable for civil damages for failing to inform doctors and patients about these potential dangers.

Exposed Procedures

Other procedures besides hysterectomies also involved morcellators. As an alternative to removing the uterus altogether, many patients chose to get a myomectomy instead. A myomectomy removes only the uterine fibroids that can cause cancer. Although less invasive, this myomectomy procedure also uses a morcellator and leaves patients with the possibility of developing cancer. Morcellators have also been used to remove other organs from the body, such as livers or kidneys. Even so, the convenience of using morcellators clearly comes with a price.

Making It Right

Patients in Alabama who developed cancer after receiving a myomectomy, hysterectomy, or other “minimally invasive” procedure involving a morcellator should contact Attorney Group for Alabama to be informed of their legal options. Courts in Alabama have recently been reviewing cases brought by morcellator cancer lawyers against manufacturers. If you believe you have a case, contact a morcellator cancer lawyer today.

Taking Action

Because hysterectomies and myomectomies have been so numerous in recent years, thousands of patients in Alabama have suffered harm as a result of these procedures. It is important that affected patients work with a morcellator cancer lawyer to hold these manufacturers responsible. A morcellator cancer lawyer can potentially help patients receive damages for their injuries. If you or a loved one developed cancer following a morcellator procedure, contact Attorney Group for Alabama today for a free, no obligation consultation. If you are eligible, we can connect you with an affiliated lawyer who can represent you in an Alabama morcellator cancer lawsuit. Call today.