What You Need to Know about Alabama GranuFlo Lawsuits

Alabama Granuflo lawsuits

What Is Granuflo?

Granuflo is a type of concentrate powder that is used during dialysis. Dialysis is a treatment that is performed when the kidneys can no longer efficiently removed waste from the body. Granuflo is produced by Fresenius Medical Care, which is a German-based company. Fresenius Medical Care, or FMC, is the largest supplier of dialysis products in the world. FMC is also the biggest operator of dialysis clinics in the world. It is estimated that 400,000 people in the United States require dialysis, and 30 percent of those patients are treated by FMC.

Granuflo has been shown to increase bicarbonate levels in the body. Increased bicarbonate levels can lead to a dangerous condition called metabolic alkalosis. Metabolic alkalosis can result in low blood pressure, heart attack, cardiac arrest and stroke.

Alabama Granuflo Lawsuits

Many people are trying to file Alabama Granuflo lawsuits because they have suffered dangerous side effects while undergoing dialysis. In one example of an Alabama Granuflo lawsuit, the plaintiff stated that her husband’s death was caused by Granuflo and Naturalyte. Naturalyte is another dialysis product that is produced by FMC.

The plaintiff’s husband began undergoing dialysis treatment in June 2010. He underwent dialysis treatment three times per week and both Granuflo and Naturalyte were used. In August 2010, his dialysis treatment was changed and only Granuflo was used. The plaintiff’s husband suffered a heart attack and died during his last day of dialysis.

Another case in the Alabama Granuflo lawsuits unfortunately died after receiving dialysis treatment where Granuflo was used. She went into cardiac arrest on February 14,2010 shortly after receiving dialysis treatment. The plaintiff’s son filed a lawsuit on her behalf. He stated that Granuflo caused his mother’s death. The number of people filing Alabama Granuflo lawsuits could increase as people become more aware of the dangers that are associated with using Granuflo.

In November 2011, Fresenius sent a memo its own doctors that outlined the possible dangers of Granuflo. However, patients did not know about these dangers until March 2012. The Food And Drug Administration issued a recall on Granuflo back in June 2012. It is estimated that at least 941 patients have suffered cardiac arrest after using Granuflo.

The Importance Of Filing Alabama Granuflo Lawsuits

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