Get the Facts About Alabama Nexplanon Lawsuits

Alabama Nexplanon Lawsuits

Alabama Nexplanon lawsuitsThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently reported required that Merck, the manufacturer of Nexplanon add a warning to patients that the drug may cause convulsions, a side effect that was previously not reported by the drug company. Nexplanon, a contraceptive implant, contains etonogestrel, and this drug may be the subject of Alabama Nexplanon lawsuits. In addition to the newly discovered risk of seizures, women using Nexplanon have suffered from ectopic pregnancy, blood clots, and other life-threatening side effects, leading some to consider filing Alabama Nexplanon lawsuits.

About Nexplanon

Nexplanon, and it’s sister drug, Implanon, are small rod-like subdermal implants used for contraception. The rod is inserted just under the skin of a woman’s upper arm which acts as long-term contraception that is reversible. This is the most effective form of birth control, but does not come without significant risks as Alabama Nexplanon lawsuits have found. Nexplanon was first approved for use in the United States in 2006, but was approved in other countries as early as 1998.

Insertion and Removal

A doctor or nurse inserts the small rod that is approximately 4cm long and 2mm in diameter, roughly the size of a matchstick, just under the skin in a woman’s upper arm. The insertion by a doctor or nurse is critical to be sure the rod is inserted properly in order to avoid pregnancy, and to prevent nerve damage, which can sometimes occur. Improper insertion may result in pregnancy, and this may also be part of ongoing Alabama Nexplanon lawsuits. The implant must be removed after three years, but it can be removed at any time should a woman choose to become pregnant. Removal must be performed by a licensed clinician.

Minor Side Effects


Alabama Nexplanon lawsuits claim that although some of the side effects from the drug are simply uncomfortable or a nuisance, some patients have suffered life threatening illnesses as a result of the drug. Irregular bleeding or spotting is common, as are minor infections or discomfort at the insertion site. Much like other birth control methods, weight gain is common as well. Other minor side effects included acne, depression and fluid retention. However, women who become pregnant with the nexplanon insert have a higher risk of ectopic pregnancy, where an embryo implants outside the uterus. Ectopic pregnancy can lead to internal bleeding, infertility and death, so patients using Nexplanon who develop lower abdominal pain should contact their doctor immediately to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. Patients who suffered an ectopic pregnancy while using the implant should contact an attorney regarding Alabama Nexplanon lawsuits.

Serious Side Effects Leading to Alabama Nexplanon Lawsuits

After market reports from patients using Nexplanon indicate several side effects that are not only serious, but could be life altering or life threatening, leading many to seek Alabama Nexplanon lawsuits. Patients reported a significant rise in blood pressure, putting them at risk for stroke. In addition, many patients reported nervous system disorders, including convulsions and the development of epilepsy, an illness that can severely restrict a person’s ability to work, drive and live a normal life. There have also been reports of an increased risk of breast cancer in patients who use the implants. Some patients report significant musculoskeletal problems such as unexplained muscle pains and weakness. Gallbladder and liver disease, as well as ovarian cysts were also reported in women who used the implants. Patients who used Nexplanon who suffered from any of these symptoms or illnesses should contact an experienced attorney regarding Alabama Nexplanon lawsuits.

Thinking of Filing Alabama Nexplanon Lawsuits?

Patients who develop seizures or epilepsy after using Nexplanon may have a drastically reduced lifestyle as many of these patients cannot drive, work full-time, or live a normal life. These patients should contact Attorney Group for Alabama to discover their rights. If you or a loved one suffered a seizure, an ectopic pregnancy, or other life-threatening illness after using the Nexplanon implant to prevent pregnancy, consider filing Alabama Nexplanon lawsuits. You may qualify for damages.