5 Things Alabama Patients Should Know About Side Effects of Statins

Alabama- Xarelto Side EffectsThe marketing for statins such as Lipitor has created the impression that Lipitor is an effective, beneficial medication that a much larger portion of the US should be taking. The side effects of statins, however, can be very severe, potentially causing a patient life-long health problems. It is important for consumers to understand the risks and side effects of statins before they begin a medication regimen.

1. Lipitor may be the cause of higher instances of Type 2 Diabetes in patients.

Several clinical studies and analyses have been published over the past decade about Lipitor. The reports spurred the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to issue a Drug Safety Communication in 2012 warning patients and doctors of an increased chance of diabetes. Postmenopausal women are reportedly at the highest risk. A person that is borderline diabetic, or pre-diabetic, could become diabetic, as one of the side effects of statins is an increase in the natural level of blood sugars.

2. A statin can cause permanent muscle damage to the patient.

One of the reported serious side effects of statins is muscle damage and prolonged weakness. The medication can have an adverse reaction with other medications and cause permanent injury to the patient. The patient should discuss the risks and interactions of their medications with their doctor before adding a medicine like statins.

3. Taking a Statin Could Increase Liver Enzymes

Some Lipitor patients have reported an increase in liver enzymes, particularly if they are taking statins in conjunction with other cholesterol-lowering medications. Doctors have recommended undergoing a blood test within six weeks of beginning a statin medication since there are no symptoms to indicate that the body’s liver enzymes are increasing, nor is there any conclusive method to predict this increase. If a patient does, in fact, have elevated liver enzymes, he or she should discuss this with their doctor.

4. Potential Pregnancy Complications

Whether you are considering having a baby or you are currently pregnant, doctors and manufacturers advise that statin medications should not be taken under these circumstances. While the side effects of statins during pregnancy has not yet been clearly determined, there may be an increased risk of birth defects, as cholesterol helps the limbs, hearts, and brains to develop.

5. Lawsuits arising out of injuries caused by statins like Lipitor are more common than many think.

Lipitor lawsuits have reached the thousands in the US. An Alabama woman and her husband filed suit against Pfizer after she developed Type 2 Diabetes. The plaintiff was on Lipitor from 1998 to 2001. It was not until 2012 that Pfizer began issuing warnings about the potential for the patient to suffer side effects from statins. The Alabama couple is seeking damages and compensation for Pfizer’s alleged negligence.

Have You Suffered from the Side Effects of Statins?

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