Alabama Tire Recalls: Know Your Facts About Tire Safety

Alabama Tire RecallsNo matter what type of vehicle you drive, whether it is a truck, minivan or car, nearly everyone is aware that tires are a crucial part of your vehicle’s ability to safely operate on the roadways. It is vital that you, as a consumer, take the time and effort to ensure that your tires are in good condition, are not worn and are safe to operate.

However, in many instances, a consumer may check his or her tires regularly only to find that they are defective through no fault of their own. Although you may be diligent about reviewing safety ratings and features, the importance of your tires’ integrity, performance and quality should also fall high on your safety list, as the ability to stop or maneuver around dangerous obstacles or travel in adverse weather conditions may mean the difference between life and death. Unfortunately, if your tires are defective and you do not realize it, they may separate from the tread without warning and cause a collision.

Have you or someone you love been injured in a vehicle collision and you believe that the crash was the result of faulty tires? To learn more about current or recent Alabama tire recalls or for information about filing a claim, contact Attorney Group for Alabama today.

The Importance of Performing Regular Tire Checks

It is important to understand how tires function so that you may be more aware of the criticalness in checking your vehicle for safety. The tire tread, the rubber on the tire that is visible, is the outermost layer. If the tread separates from the tire, as is often the case without warning, the air pressure in the tire may decrease rapidly or cause a complete tire blowout.

Consumer safety advocates and industry watchdogs continually express concern about potential Alabama tire recalls and the defective tires that prompt the recalls. If a company is notified that their products are blowing out and sending drivers out of control, it may decide to issue a recall to pull the defective tires from the market and avoid future injuries.

Defective tires and recalls are not new occurrences. In July 2012, Michelin decided to voluntarily recall over 840,000 Uniroyal and BFGoodrich tires manufactured at plants in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Woodburn, Indiana, making it one of the most recent Alabama tire recalls to date. The company admitted that 143 of the tires in question produced between April 2010 and July 2012 experienced air loss caused by tread belt separation and/or tread loss.

In February 2013, Hercules tires were the subject of a recall throughout the U.S. as the company decided to pull the defective products from the market. According to the manufacturer, its tires could possibly separate from the tread and cause the driver to lose control, resulting in potentially devastating consequences.

The tire manufacturer, tire retailer or car dealer may be held responsible for your injuries if you were hurt in a car accident due to defective tires. Consider seeking legal counsel from an attorney familiar with Alabama tire recalls to learn more about your legal rights and taking the first step to file for compensation.

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Have you or someone you love been injured in a vehicle collision and you feel that a defective tire was to blame? Contact Attorney Group for Alabama for answers to your questions involving recent Alabama tire recalls and how you can pursue a claim for compensation. We will provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation and connect you with an attorney experienced in current Alabama tire recalls. You may be eligible to recover damages such as pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost wages by holding the responsible party accountable for your injuries.