Alabama Wright Conserve Hip Replacement Attorneys Notify Patients of Risks

Alabama Wright Conserve Hip Replacement Attorneys

Alabama Wright Conserve hip replacement attorneysIf you are looking for experienced Alabama Wright Conserve hip replacement attorneys, Attorney Group for Alabama can be the end of your search. The Wright Conserve device is a hip implant that was meant to be affordable and comfortable for patients. The unfortunate reality is that this implant has caused most patients to experience severe pain, as well as additional problems. If you have suffered any of the known side effects, then Alabama Wright Conserve hip replacement attorneys can help you get the compensation that you deserve.


The Wright Conserve is a metal hip implant that was approved and issued to surgeons in 2003. It was and still is marketed as a safe and affordable device that would help patients comfortably walk and do other daily activities. Although this device has been proven to have problems, the Wright company is still selling and marketing it.

Like with many other metal hip implants, this one showed significant problems after a few years and there was very little testing before it was issued to surgeons. While some surgeons are still using the implant, many class action and individual lawsuits have been filed against this product as early as 2007 due to a high number of complaints and angry patients.

Lack of Testing

You might be wondering why this product could be approved despite its lack of testing. The FDA approves products that are substantially similar to existing products because it’s thought that most existing products are safe. The Wright Conserve is almost identical to the DePuy ASR Cup.

Both of these products are made mostly from metal and both have caused many problems for patients. The only difference between them is that the ASR Cup was recalled in 2010, but the Conserve is still being used. Many are calling for the Conserve to be recalled and banned from use, but, so far, such efforts have been unsuccessful.


Metal-on-metal hip implants have been proven to be dangerous because the metal parts scrape against each other and cause both ions and metal fragments to lodge into the surrounding bone, flesh, tissue, and even enter the bloodstream. If you are lucky, then you just have some swelling or discomfort from this implant. Fluid retention is also a somewhat common side effect. The terrible truth is that most patients are suffering from more severe side effects.

Metallosis, or metal poisoning, is very common with this device due to the large amount of metal ions and fragments. Many patients are also suffering from cobalt toxicity. This side effect will often cause pain and swelling that will quickly evolve into necrosis and possibly death, if left untreated. Others are also facing constant nausea, fevers, and extreme redness. Failing to get the implant replaced can be a fatal mistake if you are having reactions.

At the same time, many patients are not suffering from metallosis or any of the above side effects. Some have suffered due to the implant’s inherent fragility. The Conserve has been shown to fail within a few years due to the metal parts rubbing against each other. A few devices have even shattered, which caused metal fragments to come through the skin or travel to other parts of the body.

Experienced Alabama Wright Conserve hip replacement attorneys can help you get the money that you need to replace the implant and to pay for all medical bills associated with this device.

Affected Patients

There is not an official statistic, but about 10 to 20% of all patients have had some problem with the Conserve implant. The most common problems include severe side effects and the device failing sooner than expected, which have both led to revision surgery and claims being filed against the manufacturer via Alabama Wright Conserve hip replacement attorneys.

It seems that patients who live stationary lives aren’t as adversely affected. This is because the metal parts aren’t rubbing against each other as often. At the same time, even those who rarely move can still be affected by the various problems with this implant.

Recent Lawsuits

Hundreds of patients have sued Wright due to the problems with this device. The good news is that most of these patients are winning. The main reasons for this include the lack of testing, the fact that the product it was modeled after was recalled, and that thousands of people have needed revision surgery after getting this implant. All of these factors play to the advantage of Alabama Wright Conserve hip replacement attorneys.

While no lawsuit can be guaranteed, there is a good chance that you will get the money that you need to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, and suffering. One of Attorney Group for Alabama’s Alabama Wright Conserve hip replacement attorneys can help assess your case and get you on the right track towards compensation.


The Wright Conserve implant is still being sold despite its many problems, but the good news is that most patients have been successful is suing Wright for compensation. If you are tired of being in pain or suffering even worse problems, then it’s time to seek out Alabama Wright Conserve hip replacement attorneys so that you can file your case. Contact Attorney Group for Alabama today so that we can connect you to an experienced attorney.