Should You Consider an Alabama Apex Arc Hip System Attorney?

Alabama Apex Arc Hip SystemLawsuit Filed Over Apex Arc Hip System

Total hip replacement has become almost commonplace in Alabama and other states across the country. When everything goes well and a prosthetic like the Apex Arc hip system functions properly, hip arthroplasty can be a beneficial thing. If an Apex Arc hip system or other prosthetic fails, plenty of problems may ensue. Was the Apex Arc released into the stream of commerce prior to being thoroughly tested? A Florida woman has already filed a lawsuit over symptoms she believes are due to her Apex hip implant. If this has happened to you, consider seeking help from Attorney Group for Alabama today.

When OMNIlife Science Inc. introduced the Apex Arc hip system in 2012, they purported their product to be safe and effective. OMNIlife claimed that the Apex Arc would not release metals into the patient’s body. As alleged in the recent case filed in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, the makers of the Apex Arc hip system may have been aware of several problems inherent to the ‘new and improved’ hip replacement prosthetic. The lawsuit filed in Suffolk County by an injury attorney on behalf of the Broward County, Florida woman claims that an Apex titanium and cobalt implant caused the plaintiff to suffer metallosis, a necrotic pseudo-tumor, and other adverse medical conditions.

A hip implant, when properly inserted and used as intended, may be expected to last at least fifteen years. Unfortunately, many newly implanted hip prosthetics fail after only a couple of years, according to thousands of current lawsuits across the nation. In the case of the woman in Broward County, Florida, the Apex Arc implant failed after less than one year. A failed implant is serious and it can lead to dire health complications. If you have an Apex Arc hip system implant, you may want to speak with an attorney about your legal options.

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