Why Consider Alternatives to Transvaginal Mesh Surgery

Alabama-Transvaginal Mesh SurgeryMesh surgeries to repair problems and provide support in the body have been in use for some time. Mesh was once installed through small incisions in the abdomen of the woman. Transvaginal mesh surgery was supposed to be less intrusive for the patient and allow for a faster recovery. Complications such as hemorrhaging, mesh displacement, fusion into vaginal tissues, infection, and more reportedly began to plague patients. Those are a few of the claims reported in transvaginal mesh lawsuits around the country.

Viable Alternatives For Transvaginal Mesh Surgery

There are a number of alternatives to transvaginal mesh surgery for women who suffer from pelvic organic prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI). A mesh that is installed through incisions in the abdomen has a less significant failure rate. A doctor can also assign exercises or use electrical stimulation to strengthen the weakened muscles. Botox injections in the area can offer reprieve from the pain by loosening up the muscles.

A woman should be wary and informed before getting transvaginal mesh, particularly with lawsuits pending on the matter. Other options may be able to provide some relief without the many negative potential side effects.

How Did This Product Come To Be?

POP and SUI are severe problems for the woman that suffers from them. In the mid-1990’s Boston Scientific introduced the first transvaginal mesh. The product was approved by the FDA through their 510 (k) policy. That policy allows companies to fast track products to the consumer if the company can demonstrate that their product shares a goodly number of similarities with products already on the market.

What the analysis failed to account for was the location of the mesh. The soft vaginal tissues created a lot of problems with the mesh after installation. The comparison was made to other mesh products; such as those used to repair hernias, which have a decent rate of success.

Transvaginal mesh surgery failure began to require even more surgeries to attempt to correct the problem. That is why lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturers.

Seeking Legal Counsel

Alabama women who believe they have suffered due to transvaginal mesh surgery and injuries from the device should seek a consultation with Attorney Group for Alabama. A consultation is free with no obligations. Attorney Group for Alabama can help you understand your options in your situation and connect you with an experienced, affiliated attorney if you decide to pursue a claim. Time is of the essence on these claims. Multidistrict litigation often has deadlines under a statute of limitations. Contact us today.