GM Recall Update for Alabama

Alabama-GM RecallAlabama drivers with vehicles impacted by the GM recall should be aware of the circumstances currently surrounding GM, and their legal rights. To date, GM has initiated 29 recalls for failed components within its vehicles. The majority of the recalls impact cars like the Chevy Aveo, Chevy Cobalt, Solstice, Cadillac and Saturn Ion. The GM recall has already impacted millions of drivers who have vehicles on the recall list.

New Lawsuit Alleges Additional Cars Have Faulty Ignition Switches

GM faces increased public scrutiny as lawsuits are filed over GM recall vehicles and allege that the automaker failed to adequately inform the public of certain auto defects. In a recent San Francisco lawsuit, a group of class action plaintiffs is asserting that a wider group of vehicles than GM has recalled currently feature defective ignition switches. The outcome of this lawsuit has yet to be determined. Lawsuits have also been filed in individual states such as Alabama, and assert that GM may have known about ignition switch failures as early as 2001. These lawsuits claim that a GM recall should have been created as soon as engineers and other individuals learned about potentially defective components in the cars, but no such action was actually taken.

The Dangers of Possible Ignition Switch Failure

Alabama drivers should be aware that vehicles involved in the GM recall may feature a defect in the ignition component, and a driver may be at risk for accidentally bumping the switch into the “accessory” position. If a driver accidentally bumps the switch, then the car shuts off and the airbags may lose their function. The result is that a driver has no protection from airbags if he or she is involved in a serious car accident as a result of the failed ignition switch.

In a recent Alabama lawsuit, the plaintiff claims that his daughter was killed in a car accident resulting from an ignition switch failure. In the case, the plaintiff’s daughter crashed into an 18-wheeler truck when her car suddenly turned off while she was on the road. The daughter was killed immediately after she crashed into the truck.

Customers with vehicles involved in the GM recall have asserted that they would not have purchased their vehicles had they known of the ignition switch failures.

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