Alabama Wright Conserve Hip Recall Attorney

Wright Conserve Plus Cup Hip Replacement

Product liability attorneys at Attorney Group for Alabama are pursuing potential claims for people who have received a Wright Conserve Hip Replacement and are suffering from problems associated with this hip system. It has been linked to complaints of earlier than expected failure rates and the need for additional surgeries to fix and replace the defective hip implant. Due to the failure of its manufacturer to sufficiently study and test the device or to provide proper warning of the potential risks related to the implant, compensation could be entitled to injured parties.

Problems with Wright Conserve Hip Replacement

The Wright Conserve hip system is a metal-on-metal implant replacement that can shed metal ions into tissue surrounding the hip joint when the metal femoral head spins inside the metal acetabular cup. When these metal ions collect and seep into the bloodstream, complications such as tissue necrosis, metallosis and pseudotumors can occur. Recipients of the Wright Conserve hip component have reported problems to include:

  • Severe hip pain and infection
  • Swelling and numbness
  • Walking difficulty
  • Hip implant loosening
  • Dislocation of the hip joint
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Additional corrective surgery

Lawsuit Allegations of the Wright Conserve Plus Hip System

Alabama Wright Conserve Hip Recall Attorney

The Conserve Plus hip replacement system continued to be marketed as a safe artificial hip implant even though Wright Medical Group knew about the possible risks involved with the design of the metal-on-metal hip system. Without performing sufficient studies before marketing their product to confirm the design’s safety, the Wright Conserve hip system was approved in 2003. Unfortunately, even though studies performed after the device was marketed discovered that there were indeed design defects, they continued to sell the hip system.

The Wright Conserve Cup is comparable to the DePuy ASR Cup’s design that was recalled in 2010 due to its reportedly high number of failure complaints and additional surgeries needed. Both of their device designs are likely to produce early failure rates and metal toxicity from the friction of their metal-on-metal components. Because of these complications, many lawsuits are being filed wanting a recall issued of the Wright Conserve Plus Cup hip system claiming that there are more risks involved than there are benefits.

Alabama Wright Conserve Hip Recall Attorney

Our attorneys at Attorney Group for Alabama are investigating claims from recipients of the Wright Conserve Hip system who are suffering because of its faulty design. We will work to make the Wright Medical Group accountable for their negligence in providing a safe hip implant device. If you are a recipient of a Wright Conserve hip system and are suffering from its defects, contact Attorney Group for Alabama. We can connect you with an Alabama Wright Conserve Hip Recall Attorney who will handle your potential liability claim.