Alabama GranuFlo Lawsuit

Alabama Granuflo lawsuit

GranuFlo lawsuits have increased following the FDA’s reported concerns with the drug, and its subsequent recall.  Attorney Group for Alabama is here to both raise awareness about the issues surrounding GranuFlo and provide people interested in pursuing an Alabama GranuFlo lawsuit with information to help them in making any final decisions on legal action.

What is GranuFlo?

As anyone who’s had experience with kidney disease knows, a medical procedure called hemodialysis is very important. Patients of kidney-related illnesses lose the ability to filter impurities from their own blood, and rely on this procedure to filter their blood for them. Typically, the blood is “scrubbed” using a drug of some kind. There are a few options as to what material is used, but GranuFlo is a bicarbonate-based dialysate.

GranuFlo is intended to work by removing impurities from a patient’s blood, leaving behind clean blood and a bicarbonate “buffer”, a substance that helps remove further impurities. GranuFlo was intended to be a safe “dry-acid” dialysate, eliminating the need at the time for space-intensive, harmful acetic acid. GranuFlo was developed by Fresenius Medical Care, and was tested from the early 2000s onward for about a decade before being supplied commercially to hospitals.

Why Was There a Recall? Is GranuFlo Dangerous?

According to the FDA recall in 2012, GranuFlo was improperly tested before being marketed and distributed. While Fresenius Medical Care has since changed the labeling on the packaging of their product, it’s important to note that patients exposed to the drug may have been improperly treated. Fresenius Medical Care failed to indicate to the doctors they supplied with GranuFlo that the drug requires close monitoring. Because it uses stronger bicarbonates than other products, it can more easily lead to an overdose than similar products.

It has been reported that Fresenius had indicated this fact to its own doctors during the trail of the drug, suggesting that it was aware that this hazard existed. The FDA, concerned with side effects associated with the drug, prompted Fresenius Medical Care to issue a recall.

Should You Seek An Alabama GranuFlo Lawsuit Attorney?

While Fresenius Medical Care voluntarily issued their recall in 2012, patients that suffered personal damage because of GranuFlo may still be eligible to pursue a claim. The drug was in use before the recall was issued, and it’s important that patients that could have been harmed because of inadequate product labeling receive legal help.

Patients that could possibly be eligible for an Alabama GranuFlo lawsuit include those who received GranuFlo during their course of treatment and suffered negative effects from use of the drug. Health effects are currently known to include things such as irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, low blood oxygen levels, and a high presence of carbon dioxide in the blood. These occur because the high levels of bicarbonate in the product replace oxygen with carbon dioxide in the blood. This can lead to death and damage of the cardiovascular system.

How Can I Get Help?

There have been many lawsuits against Fresenius Medical Care alleging improper labeling on GranuFlo, and all Alabama residents interested in an Alabama GranuFlo lawsuit should contact Attorney Group for Alabama. This organization was founded to help those who feel they’ve been wronged get the information they need. If you would like help deciding if you’re eligible to pursue a claim against Fresenius Medical Group, Attorney Group for Alabama can help you find the right legal help.

This group is here to help its clients get in touch with experienced attorneys that can help pursue compensation for damages incurred, and to help inform you of your rights before pursuing legal action. Contact Attorney Group for Alabama today for your free consultation.