Alabama da Vinci Lawsuit Attorneys

Alabama da Vinci Lawsuit Attorneys

Initially approved in 2000 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the da Vinci Surgical System is currently used for, among other procedures, hysterectomies, gall bladder and prostate removals, heart surgeries and thyroid cancer procedures. Despite Intuitive Surgical Inc.’s claim that its product is a safe, effective method of performing minimally-invasive surgeries, Alabama da Vinci lawsuit attorneys note that plaintiffs and are pursuing claims against the company, alleging that these procedures are causing injuries to them and patients across the world.

According to court documents, one plaintiff underwent robotic-assisted surgery for a routine hysterectomy in 2012. While the physician was operating, the machine allegedly swung loose and inadvertently hit her in the face. After the incident, the physician changed techniques and the clinic filed a report with the FDA. In another case, a patient underwent a robotic-assisted procedure on the colorectal tissue. Unfortunately, the robotic arm purportedly grasped the patient’s tissue and would not let go; the surgeon allegedly had to shut down the system in order for the device to release its grasp.

Alabama Da Vinci Lawsuit Attorneys Note Plaintiffs’ Reports of Injury

The Associated Press has reported over 500 adverse events since January 2012 that are allegedly related to the da Vinci Surgical System. Additionally, a paper submitted to the Journal for Healthcare Quality in 2011 reported that over 40 percent of facilities and hospitals in the United States use and promote robotic-controlled surgeries with Intuitive’s system. By the same token, 89 percent of those facilities allegedly stated that it was apparent that robotic-assisted procedures provided more benefits for patients including:

  • Less overall pain during procedures
  • Smaller, less scarring
  • Lower risk for infections
  • Faster, easier recovery time

Still, Alabama da Vinci lawsuit attorneys note that some injuries were not immediately apparent while a procedure was happening or following discharge. In fact, surgeons were allegedly not aware that complications were even taking place. As a result, many were discharged only to discovery an injury or complication days later. More often than not, these unfortunate discoveries allegedly led to another hospitalization period, additional revision surgeries and death.

Number of Injuries Climbing

Alabama da Vinci lawsuit attorneys note that more than 26 pending lawsuits were taking place in courts across the United States as of May of 2013. These lawsuits claim that individuals suffered adverse side effects and life-threatening health conditions during or after a robotic-assisted surgery. Plaintiffs are alleging injuries including cut ureters, excessive bleeding, bowel injuries and the wrongful death of loved ones.

Moreover, plaintiffs allege that some of these injuries occurred from mistakes that may have been prevented had the presiding surgeon been properly trained. Allegations include a defective device that has a high risk of cauterizing, cutting and burning tissues. Intuitive itself acknowledged that the scissors on the end of the robotic arms could potentially develop cracks and lead to uncontrollable beams of electricity passing from the arm into the patient. Should the current flow outside the area in which the surgeon is operating, the patient could suffer from injuries to the vaginal cuff, bladder, ureters, blood vessels, bowel and arteries.

In addition to mounting lawsuits from plaintiffs, Alabama da Vinci lawsuit attorneys note that shareholders have also filed a class action lawsuit against Intuitive. These individuals claim that Intuitive misled the public in order to boost the company’s price per share and withheld information that would negatively reflect on the stock. In other words, the inflated stock prices failed to accurately reflect product issues as Intuitive allegedly withheld vital safety information pertaining to the device’s potential side effects.

You are Not Alone – Alabama da Vinci Lawsuit Attorneys are Here

If you or someone you love have experienced excessive bleeding, cut ureters, bowel injuries or other complications or life-threatening conditions during or following a robotic-assisted procedure, Alabama da Vinci lawsuit attorneys can help. Here at Attorney Group for Alabama, we will do our best to answer any questions you may have pertaining to injuries, current settlements or filing a new case. We will provide you with a consultation at no cost, and should we decide you have a potential claim, will work to match you with experienced Alabama da Vinci lawsuit attorneys who will take your case from there.