Alabama Mirena IUD Lawsuit

Alabama Mirena IUD Lawsuit

Have you used the Mirena Intrauterine Device (IUD) by Bayer and suffered from any complications from its use? You are not the only one if so. Many side effects are associated with this device to include such serious problems as the uterus being perforated. The estimated number is that 2 out of 1000 women have experienced this more serious complication. Due to the risks involved with the Mirena, its users could have a potential legal claim. If you believe you have suffered because of the Mirena IUD, you should speak with our defective medical device Alabama Mirena IUD Lawyers at Alabama Attorney Group as soon as possible to discuss a possible Alabama Mirena IUD Lawsuit.

Complications of the Mirena Intrauterine Device

Alabama Mirena IUD Lawsuit

The FDA approved the Mirena as an intrauterine contraceptive for women who have already been through childbirth. This device is intended to work for five years by giving the uterus low levels of progestogen levonorgestrel chemical to prevent conception. Unfortunately, Mirena users have experienced many ill side effects such as bleeding, headaches, menstrual pain, ovarian cysts, breast tenderness, vaginits and even more serious effects such as ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease (PVD), group A streptococcal sepsis and some users have still gotten pregnant with the device in place, which could lead to miscarriage and infertility. Those side effects can be traumatic enough, but an even more serious possible complication is perforation of the uterus, which can then travel into the abdomen and puncture organs such as the bladder or the intestines. Complications could include obstruction of the intestines, infections, internal scars and adhesions and in the event that perforation did occur, surgery has to be performed to remove the Mirena intrauterine device. In some cases where the damage is too severe, there is the possibility that a hysterectomy has to be performed. If this is the case, you need to speak with an Alabama Attorney today about your potential Alabama Mirena IUD Lawsuit.

Contact Us If You Have Used the Mirena IUD

Due to the very real possibility of such serious complications that Mirena IUD users may face, we believe it is important for the device users to discuss their case with one of our defective medical device lawyers. Our knowledgeable Mirena lawsuit attorneys at Alabama Attorney Group will inform you of any legal options you may have. We are here to discuss any concerns you may have involving your situation with the Mirena device and determine the best course of action for you to take next. There have been a number of Mirena IUD lawsuits already filed in regards to this device and we will evaluate your case to see if you qualify as well.

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