Alabama Asbestos Lawyer

Alabama Asbestos Lawyer

An Alabama asbestos lawyer can help individuals who have been adversely affected by asbestos, particularly those people who have developed mesothelioma. Alabama is a state with a long history of asbestos litigation. Many industries have been headquartered in Alabama, and these industries have included those with asbestos and cement manufacturing procedures.

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What Is Asbestos

Asbestos is a type of fiber that can become airborne. A manufacturing worker can become ill by being continually exposed to this form of airborne fiber. Among the most serious illness associated with asbestos exposure is a rare form of cancer called mesothelioma. This cancer is developed in a worker’s lungs and internal chest wall. The person’s abdominal cavity and heart lining can become damaged as well. These cancer causing fibers are inhaled or ingested while the employee works around asbestos pipes, construction materials, or tainted drinking water. A spouse who washes the clothes of a construction worker who is exposed to asbestos can become ill.

What If You Have Been Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?

A current diagnosis of mesothelioma is often needed for a legal claim against an employer. An Alabama asbestos lawyer could possibly need a chest x-ray or CT scan that locates the cancer damage. A biopsy or serous effusion cryptology report can be used to diagnose this type of cancer as well. Certain therapies can be recommended for a cancer patient, and these therapies may include chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and surgery. An Alabama asbestos lawyer could need these reports and facts in order to pursue a claim against the company responsible for the asbestos exposure.

Asbestos in Alabama

Alabama asbestos lawyers have seen many cases of mesothelioma. The state has a high volume of this type of asbestos exposure due to a long history of manufacturing and construction. Alabama is home to at least eight power plants, six steel mills, four refineries, a paper pulp mill, many dry docks, and a cement manufacturer.

The construction and manufacturing industries in this state have a long history of asbestos related claims. This seems to have developed from using asbestos to improve cement for use in pipes and other construction materials. Asbestos was originally blended with cement to make the cement more weather resistant and flexible. Asbestos was used to make many of the pipes in ordinary neighborhoods and school buildings. There are several unexplained cases of mesothelioma in children that could be associated with asbestos and cement mixtures.

Asbestos was a former construction material that was widely used to build houses and school buildings. Ships used asbestos for construction purposes, and asbestos was used in the 1960’s and 1970’s for industrial installations. Many current mesothelioma claims are for patients who suffered asbestos exposure during these years of use. Incubation periods for mesothelioma could be 30 to 40 years. Older workers may be exhibiting cancerous symptoms due to an asbestos exposure many years ago. An Alabama asbestos lawyer can help to determine the cause and effect of a past asbestos exposure by requiring medical documentation and filing a claim for a retired worker, for example.

How an Alabama Asbestos Lawyer Can Help

Product makers have a duty to provide safe products. If there are risks of harm associated with their products, they also must provide adequate warnings. If a product maker fails to fulfill this duty, it could be held liable in lawsuits for injuries that may result.

People injured by the fault of others may be eligible to recover money for:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages
  • Pain and Suffering

The families of those killed may be eligible to recover money for funeral expenses and the pain that comes with losing a loved one.

Affected individuals and their families are encouraged to seek the advice of a mesothelioma asbestos attorney to learn more about their rights and remedies.

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