Alabama Whistleblower Lawyer

Alabama Whistleblower Lawyer

In the U.S., certain laws exist to help and protect whistleblowers who report
instances of fraud against the government. By shielding whistleblowers from retaliation on the part of their employers or other entities they may have accused, these laws also encourage others to step forward in the future. Sometimes, successful qui tam lawsuits can even result in the whistleblower recovering a portion of the U.S. government’s recovery.

Employers are prohibited from harassing or retaliating against an employee if the worker comes forward to report or uncover a case of fraud committed against the U.S. government. Under state and federal False Claims Acts, if the employer does retaliate against the whistleblower, the latter may receive compensation for litigation costs, attorney fees, and back pay from the employer.

A qui tam lawsuit can be brought against any number of individuals or entities, including:

  • Defense contractors
  • Nurses
  • Research scientists
  • Doctors

Why Might a Qui Tam Lawsuit Be Filed?

Qui tam lawsuits can be filed if the allegedly fraudulent party was making false statements to get out of paying a debt owed to the government or falsifying search results. Whistleblowers may also be entitled to file a qui tam lawsuit if they can prove the U.S. government was overbilled for goods or services or was billed for goods or services not received. A defendant may also be faced with a qui tam lawsuit if it can be proven he or she manipulated procedures to overcharge the government, prepared false statements to receive payment from a fraudulent claim, made false statements to get out of paying a debt owed to the government, or falsified search results.

Consider seeking legal counsel from an Alabama whistleblower lawyer to learn more about your legal options and the rewards to which you may be entitled for reporting tax fraud. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your allegations, you may be eligible to receive between 15 and 30 percent of the government’s recovery if the case is successfully resolved.

An Alabama Whistleblower Lawyer Can Help

If you need more information about retaining an Alabama whistleblower lawyer to assist you in filing a qui tam lawsuit, Attorney Group for Alabama can help. There is no cost for us to review and evaluate your case to determine whether you are eligible to file. If you are, we can connect you with an affiliated Alabama whistleblower lawyer. He or she can file a qui tam lawsuit on your behalf and assist you throughout the legal process. Call today.