Alabama Infant Injury Attorneys

Child/Infant Injuries

Children and infants obviously rely on others for protection from dangerous situations. A child could face major risks in the same situations that are normally safe for adults. In a matter of seconds, a child can be severely injured at a playground, in a swimming pool, or while at school. Most children’s activities are regulated and monitored. When property owners or managers do not properly monitor these activities, they could be found responsible for any child/infant injuries.

It is critical for any property owner to keep up with proper maintenance and use adequate gates or fencing if necessary for all areas that a child could possibly visit such as playground equipment, swimming pools or spaces where animals are kept. When an injured child is involved, you can count on Alabama Infant Injury Attorneys to seek aggressive legal action.

Children’s Injuries Due to Negligence

Alabama Infant Injury Attorneys

A child might fall down because a property owner was negligent in failing to fix a hazard. A child might be exposed to toxic or dangerous products such as lead paint or get injured because they were not properly supervised. Common locations where children are cared for by others with the possibility for injury are summer camps, playgrounds, nursery schools, school buses, and child care centers. In some instances, products made specifically to keep children safe may actually bring them harm, which could mean a possible defective product lawsuit. Items used by children such as cribs, toys, car seats, trampolines and floating products could have defective design features. Items such as booster seats, playground equipment, bicycle helmets, and car seats could have lead paint that can cause children harm.

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Alabama Attorney Group can connect you with qualified Alabama Infant Injury Attorneys who will fight aggressively for you and your family, especially when a child’s injuries are involved. You should not have to suffer because someone else was negligent. We will work with experts who can connect the negligent party to the child’s injuries to get you maximum compensation.