Alabama Construction Accident Lawyers

Alabama Construction Accident Lawyers


It is without question that construction sites are dangerous working zones. However, just because this is known to be true, it does not mean safety measures can be overlooked. This should be even more of a reason to make safety a main priority to construction companies. They should take all possible precautions to ensure the safety of their employees and avoid construction accidents as much as possible. If you or a loved one has been injured in a serious construction accident, call Alabama Construction Accident Lawyers today to find out if you have legal rights.

Common Construction Site Accidents

Vehicles on site like dump trucks and forklifts could accidentally drop their materials on someone who is walking by, or run into someone while they are backing up.

Step ladders being used incorrectly can result in serious injuries causing long term physical impairments. Other accidents that can occur include falls from a ladder or heavy tools hitting someone after falling from the top of a ladder.

Falls are likely to happen due to open trenches and uncovered holes or even bars or other structures sticking out. Trenches and walls can collapse and trap employes beneath the ground causing suffocation or even death. Roofs and other various materials can fall striking people in the head.

Strains can happen when lifting heavy objects, which is often part of the job at construction sites. Power tools can cause injuries, especially when adequate protection is not worn.

Although there will always be risks of injury involved when working at places such as construction sites, those risks can definitely be lowered by taking necessary safety precautions. Your company has the responsibility of providing the safest working environment possible.

Alabama Construction Accident Lawyers

Our construction accident lawyers at Attorney Group for Alabama will help make sure that your case is investigated thoroughly and will pursue all compensation sources. These cases can be time sensitive because of the constant changing nature of the construction site as the construction is moving towards completion, therefore, altering or destroying necessary evidence. Attorney Group for Alabama will act quickly and competently to investigate the cause of the accident, find the responsible party and handle your case with expertise.