Alabama Wrongful Death Attorneys

A Wrongful Death lawsuit is a case brought forth by the surviving beneficiaries of the deceased claiming that the deceased died because of liability or negligence of another’s actions, or lack thereof, in order to receive compensation. To have a successful wrongful death lawsuit, it must be proven that the victim’s death was a result of wrongful conduct or negligence of someone else and the extent of the beneficiaries’ damages must also be proven. The Alabama Injury Attorney Group is changing the way the you find Alabama Wrongful Death Attorneys.

Alabama Wrongful Death AttorneysOrder of Claimants Involving Wrongful Death

The surviving spouse and children are the first in line to be able to seek wrongful death damages. Next are the victim’s parents, followed by their sisters and brothers and then their children, followed by grandparents and next is their descendants. Next would be any minors who lived with the deceased who also was supported by the victim by at least 50% at the time of the death. These minors had to have been living in the victim’s household for 180 days prior to the victim’s death.

Medical Negligence

There are specific rules involving the area of negligence in regards to a specific duty in relation to different people in different categories. For example, negligence by a doctor needs to be measured by another doctor’s similar position in the community. If your claim is that a vascular surgeon’s negligence during surgery caused damages, then another vascular surgeon would have to testify that that surgeon not only caused the damage, but that the damage was a result of his either doing or not doing a duty that was beneath standard care of vascular surgeons in that community.

Alabama Wrongful Death Attorneys

You are going to need an experienced lawyer to get the justice you deserve if you want to file a wrongful death claim. These claims can involve complex legal issues that require the expertise you can find here at Alabama Injury Attorney Group. We will work together to get you the settlement you deserve.