Anthem Data Breach: Arkansas Residents May Be Affected

Data breach lawsuit attorneys note the February 2015 disclosure of an Anthem data breach exposing personal information for the health insurer’s estimated 80 million customers. Anthem is affiliated with Blue Cross and Blue Shield in a number of states, and customers whose data was compromised have been included in Anthem data breach class actions being filed as a result of the incident. Anthem health insurance customers in Arkansas are encouraged to seek legal counsel to determine their rights and potential remedies in light of the massive data breach.

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Anthem Data Breach: “Tens of Millions” of Records Stolen

According to a MarketWatch report on the Anthem data breach, while investigators were unsure of the extent of the breach, likely “tens of millions” of records were stolen. According to Anthem, the breach exposed names, birthdays, addresses and social security numbers.

Anthem reportedly discovered the data breach in January 2015. Affected customers were to be notified by Anthem of the breach.

Lawsuit: Ramifications of Data Breach “Severe”

As a result of the Anthem data breach, lawsuits have been filed against the health insurer in a number of states. Claiming that the ramifications of the data breach are “severe,” the lawsuits cite a publication from the Federal Trade Commission, which notes that identity thieves:

  • Can use identifying data to open new financial accounts and incur charges in another person’s name, take out loans in another person’s name, incur charges on existing accounts, or clone ATM, debit, or credit cards.
  • May commit various types of government fraud such as: immigration fraud; obtaining a driver’s license or identification card in the victim’s name but with another’s picture; using the victim’s information to obtain government benefits; or filing a fraudulent tax return using the victim’s information to obtain a fraudulent refund.
  • May get medical services using the personally identifiable information or commit any number of other frauds, such as obtaining a job, procuring housing, or even giving false information to police during an arrest.

The lawsuits seek damages in an amount to be determined as the litigation progresses and as the full extent of the Anthem data breach is discovered.

Consumers Affected By Data Breaches May Be Entitled to Compensation

Victims of data breaches may be entitled to receive compensation for any personal information that may have been compromised, and the responsible party may be liable for financial losses resulting from a data breach. Affected consumers should seek legal counsel to get more information about their options.

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