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Tire | Colorado Defective Tire Attorney

Proposed Tire Identification Plan Intended to Improve Motorist Safety

A Colorado defective tire attorney notes that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has outlined a step-by-step plan for improving safety and minimizing tire-related accidents. People who […]

Blood Bags | Colorado Xarelto Lawyer

Lawsuits Allege Drug Makers Concealed Serious Risks of Xarelto

A Colorado Xarelto lawyer notes that more than 3,000 plaintiffs have filed suit against the drug’s makers after suffering serious medical complications. A series of upcoming bellwether trials […]

Baby | Colorado Zofran Lawyer

Study: Zofran Linked to Higher Risk of Birth Defects

A Colorado Zofran lawyer notes that research has added to the ongoing debate over the merits and risks of the anti-nausea drug Zofran as a treatment for morning […]

Rushing EMT Workers | Colorado Burn Victim Attorney

Exploding Vaporizer Battery Sends Teen to the Hospital

A Colorado burn victim attorney notes that a teenager will need multiple surgeries and lengthy therapy after a vaporizer battery exploded in his pocket. The 17-year-old suffered severe […]

Crying Toddler | Colorado Daycare Injury Lawyer

Toddler Seriously Injured at Colorado Daycare Center

A Colorado daycare injury lawyer notes that a toddler was seriously injured after suffering severe burns at a Colorado daycare center. The daycare had already been cited for […]

Corn Farmer | Colorado Syngenta Lawyer

Report: Syngenta Lawsuits Could Be Merged Into Class Action

A Colorado Syngenta lawyer notes that hundreds of lawsuits claiming that an agribusiness giant was negligent in releasing genetically modified corn into the U.S. market could soon be […]

Bags of Blood | Colorado Xarelto Attorney

Report: Faulty Device May Have Skewed Xarelto Study Results

A Colorado Xarelto attorney notes a report suggesting that a medical device used to test for blood clots is suspected to give lower-than-accurate readings, and it may have […]