Georgia Lipitor Lawsuits

Georgia Lipitor LawsuitsIf you or a loved one are a Georgia resident and you have been taking the drug Lipitor, this could be information you need to read. Georgia Lipitor lawsuits are flooding in about the risks that come from taking a drug that is supposed to help save your life. In truth, it could possibly shorten your life, and women are at a higher risk. Recent studies have linked an increased risk of developing type 2 Diabetes for women who take the drug known as Lipitor. One recent case was filed by attorneys for a woman who was in good health, exercised, and ate a nutritious diet. She was put on Lipitor as a preventative measure for developing heart disease. Soon after, she developed type 2 Diabetes, placing her in a much higher risk group for serious health complications in the future. Georgia Lipitor lawsuits are on the rise. If you or your loved one take Lipitor and have been diagnosed with Diabetes since you were placed on this medication, you can file a lawsuit. It is time to contact attorneys and plea your case.

What is Lipitor?

Lipitor is part of a drug class known as Statins. Originally developed by Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research, it is manufactured by Pfizer today. This medication is designed to lower cholesterol and triglycerides in patients. It is generally prescribed for individuals who do not respond well to modifications in diet and exercise to reduce their cholesterol levels. Lipitor has been shown to be helpful for individuals with heart conditions, high blood pressure, Diabetes or indications of developing Diabetes. While the company stands behind its drug as a safe and effective, there has been evidence of problems with the drug for some time. In 2011, the pharmaceutical company began to make packaging changes on the labels for Lipitor based on concerns raised by the FDA. The Division of Metabolism and Endocrinology Products took issue with data that connected the drug with type 2 Diabetes. As of 2012, the label finally stated that there have been some cases where blood glucose levels have risen for users of Lipitor.

What is Pfizer’s Stance on Lipitor?

The company continues to avoid specifically stating that Lipitor increases the risk of developing type 2 Diabetes even though Georgia Lipitor lawsuits are on the rise, as well as more claims being filed every day throughout the country. Attorneys are aggressively seeking action against the makers of Lipitor. Pfizer representatives stand strong, stating that over 19 years of research and countless success stories back the use of Lipitor. However, if there is any increase in risk factors associated with the drug, the company has a responsibility to share that information with the public. Attorneys will continue to file Georgia Lipitor Lawsuits until the pharmaceutical company has been brought to justice.

What Can You Do About Lipitor?

If you or your loved one has developed type 2 Diabetes since you began a daily regimen of taking Lipitor, you need to take action. If you are a woman, growing evidence will support your claim. Attorneys are ready to assist you in the process of filing Georgia Lipitor Lawsuits. You are entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering that comes with your illness. Because of Lipitor, you will have to deal with this disease for the rest of your life.If you have questions about Lipitor, contact Attorney Group for Georgia. We are here to assist you in any way possible as you deal with the consequences of taking Lipitor. We can help you to find attorneys to file Georgia Lipitor Lawsuits. We’re here to help. We can answer your legal questions and help you decide if you want to pursue a claim, all at no cost to you. So contact Attorney Group for Georgia today for your free consultation.