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Side Effects of Statins: What Every Georgia Patient Should Know

Lipitor is in the news and not only due to its marketed ability to reduce bad, or LDL, cholesterol in patients who need help in keeping their cholesterol […]

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Georgia Lipitor Lawyer Discusses Recent Lawsuits

Why Are There Lipitor Lawsuits? Atorvastatin is a generic chemical agent manufactured and sold by mega-pharmaceutical company Pfizer, Inc., under the trade name “Lipitor.”  Initially approved by the […]

Georgia Lipitor lawsuit attorneys

Georgia Lipitor Lawsuits

If you or a loved one are a Georgia resident and you have been taking the drug Lipitor, this could be information you need to read. Georgia Lipitor […]

Georgia Lipitor lawsuit attorneys

Georgia Lipitor Lawsuit Attorneys Caution Patients

Georgia Lipitor Lawsuit Attorneys If while taking the prescription drug Lipitor you or a loved one has been diagnosed with diabetes, contact Attorney Group for Georgia immediately to […]