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Recalled Hip Replacement

Georgia Recalled Hip Replacements Update

Recalled hip replacement devices have been subject to increasing litigation over the past few years, and with almost a half million people having hip replacement surgery in 2011 […]


Biomet Settlement and New Litigation Affects Georgia

A court update on September 17, 2014 included information pertaining to the federal Biomet litigation that is currently underway in the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Indiana […]


Hip Implant Lawsuits Update in Georgia

Patients have begun filing hip implant lawsuits throughout the country as manufacturers have recalled many metal-on-metal implants since 2008. Some of the hip implants that have been pulled […]


Metal on Metal Hip Implants: 7 Frequently Asked Questions in Georgia

Individuals who wish to seek damages for their injuries after they were fitted with metal on metal hip implants and subsequently developed complications should consider contacting Attorney Group […]


Let a Georgia Apex Arc Hip System Attorney Help You

Manufacturers of artificial hip replacements have been the targets of several lawsuits over the past few years, and now another company, Omnilife Science Inc., has become the defendant […]


Hip Implant Failure and Other Important Information About Hip Implants

Hip replacement procedures are intended to relieve the symptoms of a defective or damaged hip, including swelling, pain, limited mobility and difficulty performing daily activities. While thousands of […]


Types of Hip Replacements

More people throughout the U.S. may consider seeking certain types of hip replacements as they grow older. During implantation, a surgeon implants an artificial device into the patient […]


Stryker Hip Lawsuit Update

Stryker Hip Lawsuit Update Stryker hip lawsuit –attorneys note that more than 500 lawsuits stemming from Stryker hip replacement implant injuries are pending in federal court, and 640 […]


Hip Failure Addressed by Georgia Smith and Nephew R-3 Recall Attorneys

Georgia Smith and Nephew R-3 Recall Attorneys Georgia Smith and Nephew R-3 recall attorneys are currently on-call for patients who have been implanted with malfunctioning R-3 hip prosthetic […]


Georgia Wright Conserve Hip Replacement Attorneys Caution Recipients of Implants

Failure of the Wright Conserve Hip Replacement System Georgia Wright Conserve hip replacement attorneys know that hip pain can be excruciatingly, preventing countless individuals from being able to […]