Kentucky Nexplanon Attorneys

Nexplanon was considered to be the latest advancement in contraceptive products when it came into use in 2011. However, the birth control device has since become the center of controversy due to concern over possible health risks. If you are a woman or know one who has experienced health problems while using the product, Kentucky Nexplanon attorneys can be of assistance.

kentucky nexplanon attorneys

Details About Nexplanon

Manufactured by the pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co., Nexplanon is a refinement of the original Implanon, which itself came into use in other countries in the 1990s and won approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration five years before the agency approved Nexplanon for regular use. Both Implanon and Nexplanon are known as progestin-only devices that are implanted under the skin. Both rely upon the synthetic hormone etonegestrel, which is related to the natural hormone progesterone, to prevent pregnancies. Nexplanon differs from Implanon through its composition, which makes it visible with an X-ray or CT scan after the device has been implanted. Additionally, Nexplanon has an easier application system, which reduces the chance of an error during implantation. Kentucky Nexplanon attorneys know the history of the product and can use this knowledge in any legal proceedings.

A Nexplanon implant is about the size of a matchstick and is placed in the inner and upper area of the woman’s arm. It has two functions, the first of which is to reduce the thickness of cervical mucous, which significantly reduces the ability of male sperm to reach the woman’s uterus. Additionally, Nexplanon inhibits ovulation, which will greatly reduce the chance of an egg being present even if some sperm cells do reach the uterus. Nexplanon is known to be 99% effective as a contraceptive, but suspected side effects have recently prompted legal action. Kentucky Nexplanon attorneys are familiar with the side effects of the product and are offering offer help to those of you who have experienced them.

Cause for Concern

Concern over Nexplanon stems from a 10-year study conducted on women in Denmark that indicated a greater risk of blood clots in women who used hormonal contraceptives that are not taken orally, such as Nexplanon. The risk is considerably less with such implanted contraceptives than with either skin patches or vaginal ring devices, but was considered sufficient to justify intervention by Kentucky Nexplanon attorneys. Anyone who has used Nexplanon and is experiencing problems has been advised to seek legal advice.

Nexplanon’s Side Effects

The side effects related to the use of Nexplanon that have been identified include unexpected bleeding, vaginal infections, headaches, abdominal pain and even depression. However, the most serious known effect is blood clotting. A blood clot can seriously damage the vein in which it forms, and can be life-threatening if it breaks away and is carried through the bloodstream to other parts of the body, including the heart, lungs or brain. Whether the side effects are limited or serious, Kentucky Nexplanon attorneys may be able to help those of you who have suffered from them.

A contraceptive device that causes harm to its users falls under the principle of product liability, and those who suffer harm can seek monetary compensation from the manufacturer. Kentucky Nexplanon attorneys can be the best advocates for those who find themselves in such a situation. Kentucky Nexplanon attorneys can help seek damages that may be needed to pay for needed medical services or compensation for any pain or suffering related to the use of the product.

Find Help In Kentucky Nexplanon Attorneys

Those of you who believe you have been a victim of the effects of Nexplanon should consider turning to Kentucky Nexplanon attorneys for the purpose of obtaining the compensation to which you may be entitled. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your options.