Kentucky Blitz Gas Can Attorneys

Blitz Gas Can Explosion

As the former leading manufacturer of gas cans, Blitz can be found on 75 percent of plastic gas cans found in the United States. That comes out to be an estimated 150 million gas cans in the U.S. Many of us have our own plastic gas can in our garage or shed. However, what most of us do not realize is that by storing a Blitz gas can in our home, we face possible dangers of fire and explosions due to missing safety features within a Blitz gas can. Out of the millions of plastic gas cans produced by Blitz, not one of them is equipped with a flame arrestor. Without a flame arrestor, fumes are being released into the air every time gas is poured from a Blitz can making for a dangerous fire hazard. Regardless of the many complaints that were sent to Blitz reporting that fumes emitted from the gas cans can ignite, explode and cause severe burn injuries, they continued to make these plastic gas cans without a flame arrestor and with little warnings. Kentucky Blitz Gas Can Attorneys are working hard to get compensation to the victims of these explosions.

Design Defects of Blitz Gas Cans

Millions of people have gas cans stored on their property somewhere, whether it be in their garage, on their back porch, or in their shed, plastic portable gas cans are everywhere. Unfortunately, several of these containers have dangerous design and manufacturing defects. These defects can result in devastating burn injuries and even death. What is so disheartening about these injuries is the fact that most of them could have been prevented by spending just a few more cents and just a few more minutes of time by equipping these portable cans with a flame arrester. A flame arrestor is an important safety feature that is missing in Blitz gas containers.

Kentucky Blitz Gas Can Attorneys

A flame arrestor is a small metal device that has holes and fits into the gas container’s spout. It forces flames to travel through a space that is too narrow to let flames go through, which keeps the rest of the gas remaining in the can from igniting and causing an explosion. This safety feature only costs about 50 cents, yet Blitz manufacturers chose not to equip their gas cans with such an important device and many victims have suffered unnecessary burn injuries, which can be one of the most painful injuries to endure.

Kentucky Blitz Gas Can Attorneys

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries from a Blitz gas can explosion, contact Kentucky Blitz Gas Can Attorneys today. Blitz should be held accountable for putting harmful products on the market without sufficient safety features or proper warnings. Our experienced Kentucky Blitz Gas Can Attorneys are here to discuss your rights. We will provide you with the necessary legal representation to get you the rightful compensation you deserve to help you recover from your injuries.