Kentucky da Vinci Lawsuit Attorneys

Kentucky da Vinci Lawsuit Attorneys

Manufactured in 2000 by Intuitive Surgical Inc., the da Vinci Surgical System has reportedly been used in over 400,000 prostate removal surgeries and hysterectomies in 2012 alone. Moreover, surgeons are now using the robotic-assisted device for a variety of other medical procedures including gall bladder removals, gastric bypasses and thyroid cancer surgeries.

However, plaintiffs are consulting with Kentucky da Vinci lawsuit attorneys to file claims against the manufacturer, alleging that the device is not properly constructed and that Intuitive did not issue proper training standards to the physicians handling the device. If you feel you have a case, you may be entitled to seek compensation for your injuries, revision surgeries, lost wages and pain and suffering.

About Da Vinci Lawsuits

The da Vinci Surgical System was originally created to provide a better range of movement to surgeons performing invasive surgeries. The joystick-like control allows surgeons to perform more accurately and in a less-invasive manner than traditional methods. During a procedure, the surgeon inserts the robotic arms of the device into the patient in an effort to burn away obstructing tissues, creating a more efficient method of organ removal.

Ideally, when the device is used properly, the robot should result in less noticeable scarring, decreased blood loss and a quicker recovery period. However, plaintiffs and their Kentucky da Vinci lawsuit attorneys allege that the robotic arms are not properly insulated and that the electrical current has the potential to jump around while inside the patient, burning and injuring nearby tissues and organs. One woman is also seeking damages on the grounds that, during her procedure, the robotic arm swung uncontrollably and hit her in the head.

According to the Wall Street Journal, some physicians allege that Intuitive failed to provide adequate training to the surgeons and facilities using the device. When a hospital agrees to purchase the da Vinci robot, Intuitive allegedly agrees to pay for a two-day course to ensure that at least two surgeons at each facility are knowledgeable about the operation of the device. While some facilities have established thorough training programs to protect themselves, surgeons and patients, other hospitals may not require any training at all to operate the device. Critics wonder why each surgeon operating the device was not required to undergo extensive training and many hours of practice before performing on live patients for the first time. For its part, Intuitive maintains that they did not fail to provide improper training in an effort to encourage the use of its product.

Alleged Injuries

According to plaintiffs and the Kentucky da Vinci lawsuit attorneys representing them, some patients may face potentially life-threatening and serious complications following robotic-assisted procedures. In some cases, plaintiffs allege that these injuries could have been avoided as they were the direct result of inadequate training and design flaws. Kentucky da Vinci lawsuit attorneys allege that other complications may occur including:

  • Revision surgeries
  • Punctured organs, vessels or arteries
  • Inflammation of the abdomen lining
  • Tearing or burning of intestines and organs
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Wrongful death

Unfortunately, some patients have passed away due to injuries that were not readily apparent immediately following surgeries. For instance, if a surgeon performs a procedure and does not notice that a patient is bleeding elsewhere internally, he may close the incision and send the patient on his or her way, only to find out the patient is suffering from serious complications a few short days later.

FDA Launches Investigation

According to allegations made by plaintiffs and Kentucky da Vinci lawsuit attorneys, Intuitive failed to properly test the device before they released it onto the market. Additionally, claims are arising that Intuitive failed to evaluate the long-term consequences and may have withheld pertinent information regarding injuries or complications following surgeries.

However, to gain additional information from surgeons about their opinions following an increase in reported complications, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a survey to hospitals across the world. In May 2013, Intuitive also sent a notification to facilities to warn of the potential risks and dangers associated with the cautery scissors. According to CNBC, the scissors could potentially develop cracks, leading to inadvertent leaking of electricity and the accidental burning of nearby tissues.

According to Kentucky da Vinci lawsuit attorneys, plaintiffs may be entitled to seek compensation for revision surgeries, medical expenses and bills, lost wages or future loss of earnings, pain and suffering and even wrongful death if plaintiffs are filling on behalf of loved ones.

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